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Casual use of 'cis'

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ToQueendomCome Wed 31-Jul-19 08:16:23


I run a local fb group around a topic/movement totally unrelated to trans/feminism/sex but it's something (the movement not my group itself) that in recent years has attracted a lot of woke young people.

A member has posted an otherwise fine post, actually it's in support of a woman who does great work for this movement, but has
said "She should be the real 'celebrity' in the place of all the cis white males people follow in the movement."

Although this might not seem particularly inflammatory I'm not happy to stand by whilst 'cis' becomes a commonplace part of our language.

I haven't responded thus far because as the founder of this local group, people know me and my children in real life, so I'm feeling cautious.

Given the increasing wokeness in this movement I suspect posts like this will occur more often so I want to find a way of responding without creating pointless debates that I really don't have the time or energy to manage or in some way endangering myself/my children.

I'd very much appreciate any advice or ideas you have. Thank you!

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