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Can you help me help someone who is under coercive control?

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Squashages1111 Fri 25-Jan-19 21:27:06

Hi, I’ve had a moment of clarity this evening. Someone very dear to me is in what I thought was a bit of a shitty relationship. I now know that actually the relationship is based on the guys coercive control of my friend. I don’t want to risk outing and so won’t go into detail- there is a huge list of actions and habits that have been added to this evening by another friend and we have resolved to try if we can to help this woman find the truth about what’s going on and get out. I’ve been told the worst thing I can do is tell her what to do- I don’t want to risk our relationship as she is down to a few friends now because of him, and I fear what will happen to her should the last of us fall away. Should I suggest to her that I think this may be coercive control- she ticks every box as someone who has fallen into this trap. I feel she knows and regularly complains that she is unhappy. The guy is also alcoholic which I feel gives him leverage and he almost uses it to mask what he is doing to her.
If anybody can offer any side words at all I’d be pleased to hear them.

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