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Help me with a response please

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BibiThree Fri 23-Nov-18 10:07:47

I've started playing scrabble online. When I didn't have a picture on my profile I got messages from men asking why not, asking what I looked like, to tell me something about myself etc. It's not a dating site ffs. I used to ignore and block.
Today I have a picture and got these messages (pics below).
What I want to say is along the lines of "stop expecting women to be present and compliant for you, no matter what you said, don't you see you're asking for something you expect of us, and it's not respectful"
But want to be a bit more eloquent. Can anyone help please?

spreadmarmznotmisery Fri 23-Nov-18 10:08:37

Oh for God's sake. Pick your battles

BibiThree Fri 23-Nov-18 10:09:58

So I should let this pass? Every day stuff like this happens and it's getting me down. I asked for help not judgement.

spreadmarmznotmisery Fri 23-Nov-18 12:32:44

Yeah let it pass and play with someone else

Karting1967 Fri 23-Nov-18 17:49:55

I don’t get the issue, he said your picture was too bright, how’s it disrespectful?

Yeahnahyeah Sat 01-Dec-18 07:24:58

I hear you, OP. But I'd probably carry on just blocking them. Why waste your energy.

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