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Gateway drug to rape and murder

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SwordToFlamethrower Wed 29-Aug-18 10:39:50

Just read this vile article talking about a brothel for men to use sex dolls.

The website states that it gives men the opportunity to act out their darkest most violent sexual fantasies without fear or shame.

I feel sick. This is nothing but a gateway drug for dangerous and violent men to get off on raping and murdering women and presumably children.

Not all men. But enough men that there is a market for rape fantasies.

A Sex Doll Brothel Is Coming To Toronto

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ohello Tue 16-Oct-18 02:36:17

yes, that's what I think too. Gale Dine as well as others have studied the effects of porn, and the research appears clear. It takes more and more of a thrill for someone to get their jollies off through porn, and so they need more extreme sex over time.

Also, the attitudes(respect etc) that men have for women decrease over time, the more they use porn.

The whole thing sickens me.

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