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Forums to support women work in male dominated enviroment?

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Plsbemyturn Thu 12-Jul-18 18:32:15


I work in male dominated environment and I really struggle of how I am being treated by people who hardly know me because they assume I can't do it. I am an introvert and english isn't my first language so this probably have some impact on it. I am fine with people who work closely with me but since company re-structured, I have to work with people from various offices. I am at the point where I am feel I need to leave my work place. sad

Does anyone know any forums out there to support women like me? Thanks in advance.

Italiangreyhound Sun 22-Jul-18 02:08:12

@Plsbemyturn I am so sorry you feel like this.

I do not know any specific forums but I would certainly recommend this book.

Nice girls don't get the corner office

I think if you are genuinely unhappy maybe it is right to leave. But if so, find something good to go to first. Maybe give yourself a few months to see if things get better and if not allow yourself time to change your job.

Good luck.

BillyJoel Sun 22-Jul-18 02:43:32

I have always worked in male dominated workplaces. Often on building sites. I try to see no differences and just get on with my job. My plan was to prove I was good by just getting on with it. It has worked quite well. I think you can do it. Just try to be professional at all times and friendly. Be bold enough to state your view. There are complete misogynists out there, usually a tiny minotity, but you can get everyone else on side.
Good luck.

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