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older women in the workforce

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Makealist1 Fri 31-Mar-17 11:00:01

I had a disagreement with my DH this morning because he agrees with the various groups of employers who are lobbying the governement to demand that they continue to be able to maintain access to [ young , fit and intelligent presumably] EU workers for such jobs as hospitality, agriculture etc, post Brexit. As a 60+ woman who will have to keep working until I am 66, [whilst having to compete with young people who can be paid less than I have to be because of the minimum wage], I find this all so depressing. And I am discriminated against because of my age. I know I am.

Apparently, many older workers are finding it difficult to access work now. And a lot will be like me - little pension because they had to support children until they could even get back to work - let alone go full time. And if left a single parent - no access to the exDH's pension [ because it didn't happen back then]. The golden days of the well off pensioner are sliding past. I can't help but think that the Government have been very cunning in pushing the pension age forward so quickly. A whole raft of [ mainly women] will be cheaper to have on the dole than being paid the state pension. And maybe we can all work ourselves to death in the meantime so saving the NHS money. Rant rant. Sorry.

I case you're wondering, I have 2 zero hours contacts at present. One being in a factory , for an agency - bet they love it when I turn up, but I am reliable. I was a professional in my younger years. That's the way of it . I have a brain, a degree, lots of life experience. No one in the factory even asks. Obviously older women in that sort of environment are there because they're incapable of doing 'owt else - or for 'something to do?', as a young manager said yesterday. Grrrr.angry

I do not think that the government thought of the practicalities of this in today's liberalist labour market - or maybe they did? Very 'I, Daniel Blake' ! Or else they haven't got a f** clue, as I shouted at the door when my DH had left. I did tell him that when he gets to the point that he can't seem to find another job [ he's younger than me, but his work is becoming insecure] because the bias is against him - then I'll give him a piece of paper with 'I told you so' written on it. And smile.

PS where are the apprenticeships for older people ? None here in Wales, anyway. Politicians haven't got a clue about us Just About Managing types.

Makealist1 Fri 31-Mar-17 11:06:59

PS. I have nothing against any person coming to the UK. Just the system.My mother is German, an economic migrant after the war.

I worry that certain countries are being denuded of their young talent though. And that these people have to come here to chase [ boring, no job progression] minimum wage jobs, because of earning discrepancies. Such a shame . When I was young, Ireland was losing all of it's young people to the UK. So glad it's turning around there now .

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