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Magnetic stimulation therapy to rebuild pelvic floor muscles?

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crocodarl Thu 15-Dec-16 10:09:34

Hi... so my gynocologist has this special electro magnetic therapy chair she raves about. You sit in it fully clothed for 20 mins a couple of times a week and it magnetically stimulates your pelvic floor muscles to help strengthen and rebuild them.

She (gyno) says every woman should get this therapy after giving birth (vaginally) to restore everything ... I just gave birth to my 3rd child 7 weeks ago.. everything's fine (no problems holding pee etc) but I'm sure it would be sensible to give this a go...

HOWEVER, the catch is, it's not cheap!! It costs 30€ per session, and gyno recommends 10 sessions absolute minimum (ideally 16 sessions) in order to see results. She said as her patient I could have 16 sessions for the price of 14 but thats still 420€. Its not that I absolutely can't afford it, but it is quite a lot of money to spend without thinking about it first.

I spoke to a friend who goes to the same gyno who went for this treatment to see what she thinks... she said it's good, in that it works and teaches you how to work the muscles correctly yourself, BUT that after the course has finished its up to you to go on doing the exercies properly (just like it would be if you'd never been for the therapy) in order to maintain the muscle tone.

So again, that's quite a lot of money to learn how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly (pretty sure I already know that) but then on the other hand would it tone them consistently to a level I am unlikely to attain for myself? I am a bit absent minded/incosistent about doing my kegels...

Sooooo... please tell me, have you been for/heard about/ administered this therapy? would love to hear more opinions before I make my decision. Thanks!!

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