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Can we be antipsychiatry here?

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OnceThereWasThisGirlWho Mon 13-Jun-16 17:52:44

Does anyone understand?
I feel so dirty from men touching me and manipluating me, amongst all the other dreadful feelings. The controlling male psychs just joined in.

KindDogsTail Fri 08-Jul-16 23:41:23

Yes, we can OnceThereWas
Alice Miller would agree with you. Have you read her books? I think it is
The Drama of the Child where she mentioned that psychologists only do what they to get power.

You should read this: it is about how male doctors got control over women by saying they were mad or hysterical. It was only after the First World War, when soldiers suffered from shell shock that one doctor began to approach things differently. But that was one good doctor, another went on to give piles of people, mainly women lobotomies. The book was written in the 1980s. Now the writer would see how many women are given other drugs to suppress their experiences instead of being given help in dealing with them.

I actually once saw on the television, a doctor talking, with no shame or repentance, about giving a woman a lobotomy because she had lost her temper with some sort of social services people.

Think of the male who did the experiment taking a baby monkey away from its mother, putting it isolation and seeing what it would do with a piece of cloth instead.

And Freud who said women were jealous of penises but never that men were jealous of all women had; or that abused children were fantasising about their own desires. (Apparently, to be fair, he had at first thought they were telling the truth but no one else would accept the shocking truth and he accordingly changed what he had uncovered.)

And they often tell women they have bi-polar or schizophrenia when they may be affected by hormone issues that could be helped some other way,
or simply horrible experiences.

A little off your thread, but related, somewhere on a recent thread I saw someone say that no one minds male gynaecologists. I thought to myself that, In fact, I would usually prefer a woman. I also suddenly remembered, about thirty years ago, there was a well known woman gynaecologist who had been effectively witch-hunted.
She was talking on the radio and remarked that it was odd so many men wanted to be gynaecologists given that women doctors did not try to be the counter-part/urologists and it was surely to do with power.

I've just seen this was some time ago, but I may as well post this now.

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