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How to deal with sexist scout leader

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Squiddles Wed 13-Apr-16 21:07:27

Dd(15) is fed up with sexist derogatory comments from scout leader. He's talked about making separate girls and boys teams when entering competitions as the girls would hinder the boys progress. He has assumed the girls to be weaker and suggested the boys might need to carry some of their equipment. On one occasion she was the last in a group to pick up a pen and help with map reading and calculations because she was shy and feeling inhibited, this man had made rude noises about her not bothering to help out and how she won't learn anything unless she tries. Then when she did pick up a pen he said (all in front of everyone) 'so you do have a brain then!'
She's generally a tough kid but has been pushed close to tears by this man. Should I be telling her to er um 'person up' and deal with it?!
I would rather empower her to retort humourously than step in as the aggressive parent I feel I am angry

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