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Setting up a university alumni Women's network

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Ambiorixa Wed 26-Aug-15 19:40:13

So - the uni where I did my MBA is know for it's 'boys network'. In fact, there is a book out there entitles '[name of uni] Boys. When I attended I was one of 5 women in a class of 65..

So I want to set up a women's network and I'm looking for any advice or tips.

I am thinking of calling it '[name of uni] girls'. What do you think?

What shoul I do next? Set-up a LinkedIn group and start inviting people and asking them to invite others?

Organise an event?

Create a brand / vision (I want it to be open and inclusive for men and women with a common goal of creating an environment for women to achieve their potential, whatever that means to them).

Help!!! Where do I start?

MaudGonneMad Wed 26-Aug-15 19:41:25

I wouldnt call it '[University] Girls'.

Ambiorixa Wed 26-Aug-15 20:31:08

Thx. What would be a good name? 'Uni' women's network seems antad boring...

thesandwich Wed 26-Aug-15 20:33:51

Have a look at women in rail- a successful network in the industry

Ambiorixa Wed 26-Aug-15 20:40:01

A tad

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Wed 26-Aug-15 20:46:19

Not girls, these are alumni that you are appealing to, women who have graduated.
How about something like 'university of blah blah graduate society for empowerment'?

Ambiorixa Wed 26-Aug-15 22:33:57

I like the women in rail site. Very clear statement of what they stand for.

Maybe just '[uni] women' - keep it simple.

Are there any other succesful women's networks I could have a look at? I know 'women in technology'. Any others?

thesandwich Thu 27-Aug-15 19:25:38

Forward ladies?

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