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Starting a feminist facebook group but possible politics?

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AnnaBanana25 Thu 30-Jul-15 18:24:06

So, I was member of a local(ish) feminist facebook group for a place that is 45 mins away from me. They do fundraising/meets etc and were the closest group to me. I joined in discussions, but got slammed down every time for having an opinion that differed to the 5 main people who seemed to run the group and post on the site. Some folks 'liked' my comments but never commented either. I got bored and left. Since I left, someone told me they are now trying to set up ground rules for the group based on their own opinions of what should be important when you are a feminist. It just isn't a very inclusive group, despite having good intentions, I guess.

I was thinking of starting a group that would simply be local feminist discussion across the county (the group above is based in a specific town). I wouldn't aim to organize meet ups at this time. Considering the above, is this a good idea or would I be stepping on toes? Is there anything I should consider before setting up something like this?

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