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How can I get something done about this man?

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Anonymous673 Sat 21-Mar-15 08:37:16

I don't really know the correct place to put this question so I hope this is Ok. Lots of people on this board seem to know a bit about legal issues and abuse and so on.

A few years ago I was sexually harassed (assaulted?) by the school caretaker. I think I posted about it at the time, I can't remember.

I reported it to the HT who wanted very much to keep up appearances as far as I could tell. I was told that she could talk to him and give him a warning, a note would be put on his file, and nothing would happen unless he received a further warning.

All very well except I found out from a couple of the teachers that he had done this repeatedly and assaulted every single female member of staff including some 16 year olds on work experience.

NOTHING had so far been done and this was over a number of years.

I was unwilling to be the first to speak up, knowing he probably had easy access to school data and would be able to find out where I lived (he had suggested coming over to my house during the assault - which was not a serious assault but it was very inappropriate) and I was afraid he might try and threaten me by turning up at my door.

It would have been different if my report could have got him sacked, but he would be at school still every single day.

The HT would not admit or discuss the other assaults or harassment, obviously. She wanted me to take all the responsibility, and I said no - however she spoke to him without mentioning my name, or writing in his file, and from that day on he would crawl past us in his car in the morning when we were arriving, staring at me, stopping the car a bit further up and watching.

The man is an utter creep. I ignored him steadfastly and when the HT left and we got a new one who is male, I emailed hi mto ask him to review the records of what had occurred for his information, and he replied saying he had looked into it and that the caretaker would be 'retiring' very soon so not to worry. Caretaker then left unceremoniously and now he is on some committee looking after a building that's converted into flats.

I dread to think what he is doing and what he has done. He is about 62.

I did log the incident with the police at the time but there wasn't much they could do either, I can't remember what they said now. I just felt so frustrated that no one else he had done this to was willing to speak out.

Is there anything I can do? This happened about 5 years ago. In terms of what he did, he would open the gates to us sometimes earlier than the official time as we arrived at school early, and then he would say things like 'you look nice' which turned into 'you look sexy' and I just stumbled over what to say and glossed over it by walking quickly away and saying 'thanks' as I thought he was just a stupid and crass old bloke, until the day he got behind me (my children were there) and started massaging my shoulders and asking as he had a few hours to spare, if he could come over to my house. He them put his hand on my arse and kept it there as I tried to get away. I couldn't do anything without alerting the children to what was going on, but I told him no and then went home and reported what happened by email (I think, I will check).

I never, ever encouraged him during all this time which must have gone on for a couple of months. It didn't occur to me that he was serious until that day and it really shocked me.

Thanks for any help or suggestions. I can't bear that he got away with it and what he did to the other women in the school - btw we have now moved away and are at a different school.

TheBlackRider Mon 23-Mar-15 14:15:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBlackRider Mon 23-Mar-15 14:16:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Samberry Thu 26-Mar-15 15:01:26

I'm really sorry that you and the other ladies and girls on work exp had to go through that. It's something no one should have to experience.

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