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Anti-Transgendered thread in Chat

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countessmarkyabitch Fri 20-Feb-15 12:47:41

I'm not sure. I can't think of one. Certainly not a toilet. And I can't imagine why the need to turn away a rape victim from a service to help them because they were born with a penis and have had it turned into a vagina (or on the way to).

I'm not saying no to your question, just that it general I can't think of one.

silverblur Fri 20-Feb-15 12:44:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

countessmarkyabitch Fri 20-Feb-15 12:39:58

Started off as a vague question about what makes you feel like a woman, lots of people started mentioning transwomen, naturally. Has now turned into some posters stating that transwomen are just men and shouldn't be allowed use female things like toilets and rape crisis, pretty much anything.

I find this really offensive and have stopped engaging. My personal feminism encompasses women who were born in male bodies, and supports their struggle to be recognised as women. I also think they need the protection and help of feminists as a particularly at risk group.

Is this an unusual stance? Does anyone agree with me?

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