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Anti-Transgendered thread in Chat

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countessmarkyabitch Fri 20-Feb-15 12:39:58

Started off as a vague question about what makes you feel like a woman, lots of people started mentioning transwomen, naturally. Has now turned into some posters stating that transwomen are just men and shouldn't be allowed use female things like toilets and rape crisis, pretty much anything.

I find this really offensive and have stopped engaging. My personal feminism encompasses women who were born in male bodies, and supports their struggle to be recognised as women. I also think they need the protection and help of feminists as a particularly at risk group.

Is this an unusual stance? Does anyone agree with me?

Pepper123123 Fri 15-Jun-18 21:53:01

I only joined a few days ago and I'm not quite sure what the uproar is about yet, but what I do know is the comments I've seen here about Trans men and women make me ashamed to call myself a feminist.
Transphobia is anti-feminism in my opinion.

I'm absolutely appalled at the large groups of grown women who seem absolutely livid that someone would wish to live their life as they feel comfortable. Does it really pain you that much to use their preferred pronouns? To make their already very difficult life just a little bit easier by trying to be open minded?

So, so sad to read the things I've read.

I've recently found out I was pregnant after trying for some time and I hoped I would be joining a community of accepting, open women. Sadly not.

Ereshkigal Sat 16-Jun-18 03:00:12

Best post this in other threads. It's bad form to revive zombie threads.

DearMrsBs Thu 18-Apr-19 20:25:34

I feel that safe spaces such as shelters are not a good place for trans women. I’m friends with a fabulous fully transitioned woman. She was the first to point out that she may be a woman but best will in the world, she’s 5ft 10, very broad shouldered and knows that to a frightened vulnerable woman she’d look like a bloke in a dress.

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