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Pregnancy after lletz surgery

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Rachomayko87 Mon 12-May-14 20:14:09

Hi, I recently had a miscarriage then discovered I had grade 2 pre cancerous cells, had these removed on 6th may, consultant said it's ok to try again once healed etc. Anybody been in this position & have any advise for me. Much appreciated

trashcanjunkie Mon 21-Mar-16 23:25:08

How rotten for you! I'm in a slightly different position. I had two lletz procedures done six weeks apart prior to a hysterectomy. BUT I do know that after the first one, you should be absolutely fine to have a pregnancy. In fact after two, your cervix would be considered 'incompetent' but even then, I believe there's a procedure which involves popping a little lasso around the cervix to keep everything shut.

You should be all good to go as soon as you've healed, so best of luck!

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