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Foodbanks and other essentials

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Naomi7 Sun 09-Feb-14 10:30:53

As a well informed group of people can anyone tell me whether women on low incomes can get access to free sanitary wear?
I have started donating to the local foodbank and have been buying tampons and towels as well as shower gel, soap, shampoo and cleaning things. It seems to me that if you need the foodbank there are probably some other essentials that might be issing from your cupboards.
Is there anywhere else people can get these items? Shoud I just concentrate on food or is it right to think that it might be nice to have s few other things around aswell?

feministmum1 Wed 12-Feb-14 14:41:30

I often give baby food. I think you ought to carry on giving what you do. From my experience with charities they often need other essentials too.

Naomi7 Thu 06-Mar-14 21:21:05

thanks, I will

JokersGiggle Sun 06-Apr-14 03:20:18

My local food bank accepts them but doesn't advertise it as they don't want to draw attention........don't know why attention is a problem, all women at some time will need those items!
normally they ask local supermarkets to put together a package to donate and it will contain thin pads, towels, tampons, condoms, pregnancy tests, nappies, wipes, loo roll, ect as well as food. They dont accept condoms or pregnancy tests from the public though.
But that's only the ones close to me, I don't know about others.
But everything helps so keep giving!smile

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