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Helping women out across the globe

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kmwilliams Sat 21-Sep-13 20:03:33

I've recently started browsing fundraising sites (like IndieGoGo and GoFundMe) looking for women who are asking for a helping hand. Does anyone else do this? It's been giving me a real sense that I'm DOING SOMETHING to help out other women on this planet.. whether it's chipping in a couple of quid toward a young woman's university fees or a few dollars to help a single mother train as a yoga teacher. I feel like I'm helping make a difference in a really specific and important way. I love how direct it is too (how I know exactly who the money is going to and how it will help them.)

I'm talking about projects like this..

or this..

Anyone else do this? It's really addictive. (IndieGoGo is my current favourite for browsing campaigns..) It's also just really inspiring to see how many women out there are trying so hard and are brave and humble enough to ask for help in fulfilling their dreams and bettering their lives. I love it. It makes me feel really proud of my global sisters and thankful that the internet is offering up such an easy, direct way to help them out.

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