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Rural Feminism (and isolation)

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LiveFastDieOld2 Sun 07-Jul-13 08:10:04

I am the only girl in my immediate friendship group who will inherit the family farm! In every other case its going to be an older brother or a younger brother who will gain control of the farm. All the girls will get will be a few, sometimes a very few, tens of thousands of pounds in cash while the sons will inherit hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds of assets.

How much publicity does this injustice receive? Almost none!

Another problem is the extreme isolation of many girls in rural areas. If I'm working on Home Farm the only ladies I will see in a day will be my Mother, my younger sister and the two grooms. Once a month when I'm off seeing the tenant farmers it is slightly better because it is the Farmers' Wives that usually do the paperwork. The sons usually go the Fathers to market once a week, the daughters seldom if ever go.

It been like this since the Middle Ages and not much ever seems to change hmm

Artandtravel Sat 07-Sep-13 19:16:14

That does sound like The Middle Ages. Surely things should be divided equally. I suppose that would involve selling the farm if someone can't decide who will run it. I'd think it would at least go to the oldest child regardless of gender. Or better yet, surely the parents can make an informed and fair decision as to which child or children are best suited to continue the running of the farm. What is social life like for you? I suppose you meet people through school.

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