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Book group re: language use and feminism?

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SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 14-Jun-18 00:45:07

Would anyone be up for a chatty thread looking at books which dissect or analyse language as it relates to women's rights?
I was thinking particularly of Man-made Language by Dale Spender but I think there are others that might be interesting too.

SpareRibFem Thu 14-Jun-18 09:02:03

Sounds interesting, I've just ordered a copy off Amazon so I'll join you

JoanSummers Thu 14-Jun-18 09:12:20

If I'm not banned then I would be interested smile

JoanSummers Thu 14-Jun-18 09:18:16

I have a copy here already but it has been a long while since I read it and would appreciate the opportunity to do so with other feminists.

How will this work, we wait x time for people to get their books then read sections together and chat about them?

Jog22 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:21:58

I'd be interested in this. I read Dale Spender - meaning I skimmed some chapters for a last minute essay rush job - twenty odd years ago. I've recently rebought Mary Daly Gyn/Ecology which is blowing my mind a bit.

I found this spreadsheet of women in philosophy which might be worth exploring;

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 14-Jun-18 16:22:36

Oh you gorgeous women!
I didn't know if anyone would be interested.

I was thinking about a dictionary monique wittig created too.

Mary Daly is another interesting one - en-courage etc

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 14-Jun-18 16:24:13

If anyone gets banned I will make a discord or something and post a code here.
But hopefully that doesn't happen.
We could see if getting Man Made language is achievable and discuss on an evening in late June maybe?or first week of July if nobody else is contending with Scottish school holidays

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 14-Jun-18 16:25:06

Section at a time sounds like it would appeal to my v poor attention span.

I also want to read nattering on the Net by Spender again. I wonder how optimistic she was

JoanSummers Thu 14-Jun-18 21:30:37

Late June sounds good to me smile

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 14-Jun-18 22:34:35

27th June?
I could start a separate thread for that specific book.
We could chat about a section for a day or two then move on to the next one, in a loose fashion maybe?

Other ideas - Mary Daly's Wickedary (maybe a few of hers - Beyond God The Father is the one I'd start with maybe. This article seems a bit confused to me in places but it's interesting in terms of jumping off points from a more modern POV

Dottierichardson Thu 19-Jul-18 17:58:35

Hi, not sure if it's of interest but Deborah Cameron has written some great stuff on women and language as well as on feminism.

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