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Books about women's history

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barnacharmer Tue 17-Oct-17 18:36:42

I have read feminist theory since I was at uni but after watching Good girls revolt and Suffragette, I realise I don't necessarily know much about women's history. Any recommendations? I suppose I'm thinking about more recent history but really feel like I want to learn more about the women who pushed us to where we are now

Manderleyagain Thu 07-Dec-17 10:34:39

I'm surprised no one has answered! I can's suggest anything specific for the women's movement in 19th or 20th centuries, but for the earlier period, ie. the situation for women that early feminists were starting from:
Mendelson and Crawford - Women in Early Modern England 1500-1720 tells you the main ideas about women and their position in society and is quite easy to dip into. Fletcher - Gender Sex and Subordination in England 1500-1800

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