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Gender Hurts - Sheila Jeffreys

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Lifejustbounces Fri 05-Feb-16 09:02:12

Has anyone read this?

The library doesn't have it on their catalogue and an amazon review stating she is is insulting to butch lesbians has put me off spending money on it. Can anyone tell me if it's worth a read (and whether it's really insulting to butch lesbians, as if so I best stay clear).

SomeDyke Wed 09-Mar-16 19:44:13

Why, can you not stand being insulted? :-)

I might not agree with her understanding of butch - mine is slightly different, being butch more as not doing femininity (which I think she is also quite keen on), as opposed to butch-and-femme being the same ole gender stuff, but just with two females, or even butch-and-femme as specifically lesbian genders (or lesbian something), and not related to heterosexual genders, etc etc.

Anyway, yes, I have read it, and it's well worth it! You can't find much else that is talking about how gender (and specifically the new shiny trans version of gender) is harmful to women. I don't agree with every word of it, but that's true about many feminist books.

As regards the objections to butch, and also the objections to lesbians and S&M, and lesbians and tattos etc, there is more about that, as I recall, in earlier books such as 'Unpacking Queer Politics'.

Frankly, I think it's a worthy thing to spend money on, even if you disagree with some of it, given that damn few feminist writers are willing to even go near the whole gender thing! Given that there was a whole letter/petition asking the publishers to ban it as transphobic before it had even been written, reading it is even more important!

I particularly liked the parts about how women married to males who then transition are being given a raw deal, and remember we also had the activists who wanted the spousal veto to be removed (the veto that a woman -- cos it usually is the woman! - has the right of veto if her transitioning former husband now wants to transform their marriage into a civil partnership or same sex marriage. On the simple grounds that when they did marry, she agreed to being married to a man. If that person no longer identifies as a man and wants that legally recognised, then the women has the right to not be forced into a marriage with a woman that she didn't agree to!). It's a womans right to not become married to a woman unless she consents to it!

Lifejustbounces Tue 15-Mar-16 17:37:54

Thanks for replying SomeDyke. That's really interesting and useful. I'll give it a read. I know Sheila Jeffrey's has some very radical views (many of which I certainly don't agree with) but as you say, there are so few feminists publishing on these issues that its got to be worth a look.

Yeah, I'm more of a 'not doing femininity' kind of butch rather than a butch/femme butch. Or, according to my partner, 'not very butch at all'...pah!

Thanks again!

RomiiStartsAnew Sun 20-Mar-16 06:25:44

Helpful, thanks. I noticed this book a while ago and thought it looked interesting. Looking forward to reading it now.

VestalVirgin Mon 18-Jul-16 22:21:58

They tried to get it banned? Hmm ... seems like I really should get that book!

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