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Naomi's Wolf's Misconceptions

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vezzie Sun 18-Sep-11 13:26:40

I have just read this. Anyone else want to talk about it?
Just some top-of-my-head ramblings:

sad how she is so positive about the NHS when it is being taken apart. (I had two great births on the NHS by the way although I have some bigs rants about ante- and post-natal care)

she really suffers from loss of status in a way that I find quite annoying as she is so insensitive to those who never had it anyway

book generally suffers from the sort of wide-eyed "OMG I am the first posh woman ever to have a baby, ever" syndrome we are familiar with from all those columnists, bless them

she writes of "good husbands, good fathers" who are the sort of people that AF or SGB would pshaw at, saying "how is he a good father when he doesn't care about you or your career or your emotional health?" She seems to have internalised the "he is a good man, but" logic that I have seen ripped apart so often on here, where the "but" is - the things he does are only mean to me, and I don't matter, because I am a woman. She doesn't seem to have got as far as: he thinks he is a good man, but he is not, because the things that he does and takes for granted are manifestly grossly inconsiderate to me, and dammit I do matter, and so do all women. I found this depressing.

the epilogue is a call for policy changes that are pro-mother. OK, pro-mother governments would be nice, but can anyone envisage a pro-mother partner? At home? Anyone? (sigh) She seems to agree that YOU MUST NOT BREAK UP NOW YOU HAVE KIDS, SO HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS which I think is utterly tragic.

Any thoughts?

mumwithdice Wed 28-Sep-11 10:51:04

I think she is a bit misguided in places, but the U.S. really sounds like a horrific place to give birth. I'm from the U.S. originally and I have never been so grateful to the NHS as when I gave birth to my DD -at home which was perfect for me.

I do think though that the loss of status thing can come as a great shock even if it's happened to others before you.

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