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Reading books by women...

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PrinceHumperdink Tue 07-Jun-11 23:57:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SweetTheSting Thu 27-Oct-11 15:36:18

Ooh, have only just noticed this thread! Have mostly been reading non-fiction (politics, economics and science) lately which was all by men!

Otherwise in the last few months I have read:
'How to be a Woman' (enjoyed it),
'The Elegant Gathering of Snows' (for book club, really liked it)
'Wifework' (for book club, very good)
'The Daughter of Time' by Josephine Tey (have read it before so obviously enjoy it, there are only minor female characters though)

Got halfway through 'So Much for That' by Lionel Shriver but got stuck, will probably try and go back to it at some point. I am really up and down on her writing, I did think 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' was gripping but did not like 'Double Fault'. 'The Post-Birthday World' was good, though.

Have just started 'Delusions of Gender' and 'Frankenstein'.

Phew, more than I thought!

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 30-Oct-11 22:31:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ninjasquirrel Mon 07-Nov-11 16:51:35

Just discovered this thread.
The Poisonwood Bible is amazing.
Currently I'm reading Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy - love her writing style, she has a dry wit and great turn of phrase.
Also recommend the BalkanTrilogy by Olivia Manning, based on her own marriage and experiences in wartime.

HedgeHop Mon 07-Nov-11 16:59:16

I recently enjoyed 'A Visit from the Goon Squad' by Jennifer Egan. She won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

CalatalieSisters Mon 07-Nov-11 17:06:44

Don't know if its been mentioned yet, but I've just started reading Iris Murdoch's The Sea, The Sea, and it seems excellent. I really disliked (and didn't finish) the only other Murdoch book that I tried (a book set in a spa town? I forget the title) and it put me off Murdoch very severely. But The Sea The Sea is a revelation.

CaptainNancy Tue 08-Nov-11 12:59:12

Ah- The Sea, The Sea is the only Murdoch I've read! I really enjoyed it though...

StewieGriffinsMom Mon 26-Dec-11 19:23:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StewieGriffinsMom Wed 18-Jan-12 21:16:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

samandi Thu 19-Jan-12 11:08:35

Any fantasy/sci-fi fans? I'll be reading some of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Diana Paxson, Trudi Canavan, Ursula Le Guin, Katharine Kerr and/or Mary Stewart.

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 19-Jan-12 12:43:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moresleepsoonplease Thu 19-Jan-12 19:27:29

Just finished 'Grace Williams Says it Loud' by Emma Henderson which I can recommend.

About to start Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna.

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 19-Jan-12 20:14:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Takver Thu 19-Jan-12 20:49:42

Samandi, I'm a big sci-fi/fantasy fan - Ursula le Guin (hence the username!), have been reading quite a bit of MZB recently (just finished Hawkmistress which I particularly like), Mercedes Lackey when I fancy something trashy-but-reasonably-sound. Haven't read any Trudi Canavan, nor Robin Hobb who is often recommended on MN but should do. I also really like Suzette Haden Elgin's Native Tongue books.

Apart from the scifi/fantasy, I mainly read non-fiction, mostly economics and politics, and would really like to read more by women. Any suggestions anyone? (Recent books by/co-authored by women along these lines that I've enjoyed are This Time is Different, The Spirit Level, Fool's Gold)

How old is your dd, SGM?

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 19-Jan-12 21:04:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Takver Thu 19-Jan-12 22:12:50

I just bought a copy of the Magic's Pawn trilogy from abebooks with the notional excuse that dd will like it at some point blush

I've never read any of Judy Blume's books, just a bit too old (though I used to sell lots of them in my Saturday job in a bookshop when I was a teenager).

Hope your dd enjoys the Marion Zimmer Bradley smile

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 20-Jan-12 18:25:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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