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London strip clubs face the axe

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MisterDarsey Wed 14-Sep-11 12:08:18

Help to get 11 strip clubs in Tower Hamlets closed down by responding to an online consultation (very easy to fill in)


ArtVandelay Tue 11-Oct-11 12:29:19

It took 5 minutes or less smile

Flibble80 Tue 17-Jan-12 00:28:17

What a load of bollocks. Woman are free to work where they please and men are free to spend their money where they please.

KristineRackabusi Tue 24-Jan-12 21:25:14

Flibble80, you obviously have no idea of the amount of violence and abuse that occurs behind the scenes in the sex industry, of which strip clubs are no doubt a part of.

Many women feel that strippers offer an unrealistic standard they are expected to live up to, leaving them in spirals of depression. I have no sympathy for the 'women' who will lose their jobs. They are gender-traitors of the highest degree, second only to prostitutes

betternextlife Sat 11-Feb-12 22:53:39

Kristine I agree with them closing clubs.

But women who work in them are not 'traitors'. They are there for a variety of reasons such as being poor, desperate, believing the cultural myths that erotic dance is empowering, or having a history of abuse. What ever reason they accepted the role, the impact of the work including the stigma makes it difficult to get out of.

Dismissing them as worthless objects is what the punters do, I would hope that feminists would see them as people

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 10:54:08

Personally I am for striptease, the women who work in it on average are intelligent and using it either for short term or long term plans. The Leeds research showed that 87% of dancers interviewed have higher education and over a third are funding their way through University. Kristine you have no sympathy for these women but yet you claim to be protecting them, that really doesn't ring true. I would suggest you listen to http://moronwatch.net/2012/01/strippers-are-people-too.html to hear what two dancers think on the matter.

Kristine as to the unrealistic standards that applies to so many things that targetting one small group of people is the act of a hate campaign. Try reading most of the young womens magazines, women objectify women more than any man ever could.

MisterDarcy wanted people to vote in a consultation which is now closed. BUT its results have not been published. This begs the question why!

JuliaScurr Mon 13-Feb-12 11:05:24

Aah, another old favourite - working their way through university <Gets bingo cards out>
Not that concerned about some women who 'choose' to do it; more interested in the over-inflation of male ego.
Which can also be expressed by crashing a feminist activism thread
Are you white? Try telling an anti-racist group they've imagined it all

SardineQueen Mon 13-Feb-12 11:10:59

why has this old thread been bumped?

SardineQueen Mon 13-Feb-12 11:12:26

the good news is that hackney approved the nil quota here

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 12:04:49

LMAO Sardine the really good news is Hackney backed off and left the existing ones and the Nil policy lsot the vote.

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 12:09:22

Sorry lets put this down correctly trying to rush typing is a poor excuse.

Hackney had a consultation and 67% of people were against the nil policy. The council tried to push it through anyway but found they were going to go to court about it so rapidly backed off and let the existing venues carry on. Thats what I call good news

SardineQueen Mon 13-Feb-12 12:23:31

Is teh article I linked out of date?

Can you link something showing the current situation please?

SardineQueen Mon 13-Feb-12 12:23:52

How come you have these figures at your fingertips anyway?

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 12:39:02

Because I was involved in the campaign to save the venues in Hackney. The basics ae covered in hackneycitizen.co.uk/2011/01/10/sex-establishments-consultation-majority-say-no-to-hackney-councils-nil-policy/

Of course the issue is what will happen in Tower Hamlets given that Cllr Rania Khan who is one of the leading figures in the council is a member of Object (can you say prejudice anyone) and that the consultation closed in October and yet no result have been published (can you say fit up anyone). A councillor who is prejudiced is not suppose to vote on things like this but Rania Khan has previously and I expect she won't stop now.

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 13:51:26

Julia as your not concerned I assume you wouldn't protest about them them. And yeah that Uni thing, horrible thing isn't it that some women choose to be educated. Even Object's pet lap dancer funded her way through uni before co-authoring a book with a member of Object (not hard to guess who the target audience would be). As for me crashing, that is mainly because I want an open debate with Object but on the news papers and other sites they tend to decide against debating so hoping for more action here. If the mountain won't come to mohammed so to speak.

JuliaScurr Mon 13-Feb-12 14:12:43

Read it again, Tony. I'm concerned about the social effects of pandering to sexism in the guise of entertainment. HTH smile

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 14:27:18

And what social effect do you believe there are? Be interested in what facts and figures you have to back these arguments up grin

JuliaScurr Mon 13-Feb-12 15:43:50

Take a wild guess, Tony What do you think it might be?

SardineQueen Mon 13-Feb-12 16:17:18

Um tony the article I linked is from the same newspaper, after your article, with a headline

"Hackney Council approves ‘nil’ policy and bans strip clubs and sex shops"
"Cleanup campaign succeeds as councillors vote to outlaw sex entertainment venues – except in Haggerston"

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 16:20:06

Well lets see, normally the first one is claiming a relationship between striptease and rape, heres a question for you.. in the course of a year how many rapes occured in and in the vicinity of the 11 venues in tower hamlets? If there is a relationship between the two it would be driven by the freshness of the event of watching striptease/

Then there is the issue of lack of respect, now I respect women, I have had female bosses and worked closely with women who have run their own businesses and have no issues with females in business or any other aspect of life. I don't respect liars or cheats of either sex and of women the only one I can truly say I have no respect for is my ex wife and striptease had nothing to do with the break up as I wasn't going then.

My male ego is well taken care of as a bi lateral amputee I hav had to deal with self worth issues and the positive behaviour from dancers has helped me become a much more balanced individual.

Ok was it any of those?

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 16:21:41

Sardine the only venues exist in Haggerston so all they are doing is saying we are letting the status quo continue. And choosing a nil policy against the will of the public?

SardineQueen Mon 13-Feb-12 16:23:58

Tony that doesn't explain why you told me my link was out of date and wrong, when it was in fact more recent and relevant than the information that you posted from the same publication.

TonyN Mon 13-Feb-12 18:07:06

The link I had was bookmarked. So I just grabbed it. Bottom line is for all the so called nil policy it is a polictal smokescreen. I didn't read the date your article was published because you said there was a nil quota which is a political statement and not strictly true. My apologies for not reading it fully. It really dosn't matter what they say, a nil policy would mean no venues and that didn't happen.

JuliaScurr Tue 14-Feb-12 13:02:40

Tony please don't pull the 'disabled men need hookers' thing. I'm a wheelchair user and quite able to maintain an egalitarian sexual relationship

JuliaScurr Tue 14-Feb-12 13:06:45

And no, I don't think there's a causal link between striptease and rape. There is a proven link between opening ldc and street sexual harrassment. More importantly, there's a link between sexism, the sex industry and sexual violence of which it is a part

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