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Not a conversation really, just thanks.

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agentnully Sun 29-Sep-19 14:45:17

Bowlofbabelfish and all the other women doing great work here educating us and trying to talk some sense into some people who clearly don't have or want any - thank you.

I'm a woman and a sex abuse survivor. I do NOT want to share women-only spaces with someone who has his own penis.

I do NOT care how people identify or dress or whether they wear makeup or try to confuse people and organisations with their ridiculous 'debates' that are just shouting women down.

What I DO care about is having a safe space when I need it with no fear of a penis owner invading it - whether they have ill intent or just feel entitled to it.

I had no idea that these spaces were under threat until I started coming here and reading about it. I'm very unhappy about it and even unhappier that organisations that should know better are not checking the current legal status before publishing statements and documents.

I had a mainly live and let live attitude to men who wanted to dress as women before reading about TRAs and other stuff on these threads. Now I'm feeling the same repulsion that I feel towards my abuser and men I consider perverts (I've been flashed at and encountered men with erections dressed as women in women-only spaces).

I thought I was now strong enough to cope with these types of men (decades of counseling) but I'm not. I fear for myself and other women in similar situations.

I will support you all as much as I can by signing petitions and contributing to threads (even though I don't know how useful my posts may be - I'm not as articulate as many of you) but thank you for your fight for and support of women like me.

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