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Cardiff University Trans Policy

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FlightPack Tue 07-May-19 09:57:26

I haven't read it all and about to go out but thought I might dump this here because it might interest some of you!

Take a look at section 4.7. 😮👀👀

GabrielleNelson Tue 07-May-19 09:59:03

Well, that's wrong, isn't it. Another case of training by people who think the law should say what they want it to say, rather than what it actually says?

agentnully Sun 29-Sep-19 12:07:36

Please excuse my ignorance but does this mean that I can still challenge a man using a women's toilet?

I don't go out very often these days and when I do I have to use disabled facilities but I'd like to be able to inform the girls in my family that they don't have to put up with seeing men in tight skirts in women's toilets watching females come and go while standing at the sink trying to hide their erection - as I did a few years ago.


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