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SurvivorMumsUnite Mon 29-Apr-19 07:10:03

Hello, first time poster, apologies in advance for any typos!
I'm a mum and Survivor of childhood trauma very much aware of the stigma of it in society. I've had a few situations happen that I'm taking a stand about (mistreatment/misunderstanding by hospital staff through to family courts and social services) I'm looking to take forward situations you may have to MP's, the NGS, media etc. Via Survivor Mums as you can then remain annonymous and we can add our voices together for unity and strength.

If you're also a mum who's a Survivor or you empathise and would like to support this movement, please can you message me on here? I have a group on a social media platform but not sure if we are allowed to post those on here.

I hope that's all ok and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

SurvivorMumsUnite Mon 29-Apr-19 07:11:03

*NHS not NGS, apols

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