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If you knew a feminist activist was faking her big thing would you out her?

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Miriamkiwi Fri 26-Apr-19 23:52:31

I happen, through desperately awful circumstances, to know a big bleeder of an activist is not as victimy nor feminist (y!) as she likes to act. In fact, she's more likely a part of the scene she claims to loathe. To reveal myself would be to become known as the thing I was treated as, but the sheer hypocrisy of the woman is , God, it's not even infuriating, it's almost funny. Wwyd?

Nyushka1 Sat 11-May-19 02:29:25

Narrow it down a bit. That accounts for about 99% of modern day feminist activists. They're all victims of something or other.

Miriamkiwi Thu 16-May-19 10:33:50

Hmmm, not going to engage with that one, no names or details available right now, I'd appreciate some input from, not necessarily feminists, but well adjusted adults, perhaps?

Childrenofthestones Tue 02-Jul-19 08:29:19

I'd sit down and rewrite it in a way that explains what you're saying more clearly.

RiddleyW Tue 02-Jul-19 08:31:33

Yeah not enough info to answer here.

NoSquirrels Tue 02-Jul-19 08:32:55

You’re asking should you be a whistleblower?

MrsBertBibby Tue 02-Jul-19 08:33:07

If it's funny, I would enjoy the laughs.

NoSquirrels Tue 02-Jul-19 08:34:06

To reveal myself would be to become known as the thing I was treated as

What does this mean in practice? Affect on your life etc.? Make up a useful analogy if you can’t give details.

onalongsabbatical Tue 02-Jul-19 08:34:24

You seem to be implying a well-adjusted adult will not be a feminist?
Am I correct in this assumption?

Smellbowpenisbeaker Tue 02-Jul-19 08:37:09

Yeah you’ve lost me now. If you think feminists are not normal thinkers then why the hell would I care about your judgement of anyone at all?

Miriamkiwi Tue 02-Jul-19 09:40:56

Oh dear, my reply on the 16th was addressing Nyushka's snarkremark about feminists, imo people shouldn't have to label themselves feminist because we're all people. I was (perhaps too subtly?) suggesting that Nyushka might be a little juvenile and, well, snarky.
Whistleblower would be a better word.
It's a "GQ's man of the year" situation, the bravery the suffering, it's buullsheet and the person is quite possibly guilty of the type of coercive abuse they claim to be a victim of.
In fact, yes it would entertain a lot of people to hear that this "BRAVE" woman is full of it.

Miriamkiwi Tue 02-Jul-19 09:47:37

NoSquirrels, I'm aiming at you, opinions?
You seem to be the elusive well adjusted adult, no offence intended to anyone real speech translates as stuffy or arrogant if you can only read it and, as an adult (ahem!😇) it's the only way, no down with the kids lingo here, thank you very much! ( Touch of playful snark )

Xiaoxiong Tue 02-Jul-19 09:49:20

Don't bother. I have a neighbor who is an architect and designed what he claims is a zero carbon house, all solar panels, etc. He has received industry awards for the house and I think even some kind of CBE for eco design. I know for a fact he is having diesel fuel delivered through the winter for heating and his solar panels aren't connected. But it's not worth my time or energy. He is a complete prick and would make my life difficult if I did anything about it.

NoSquirrels Tue 02-Jul-19 10:40:08

So -“brave woman victim of coercive control” is possibly guilty of abusive coercive control themselves? Is that about it?

Your posts are a bit ... hard to follow. I’m not sure I can help!

Miriamkiwi Tue 02-Jul-19 13:49:27

Hit the nail on the head NoSquirrels . Me too, I ramble on and go off on tangents. Stress disorder. Lots of indicators in my posts (imo anyway!) Not really looking for help as such .... Meh

Oldstyle Sun 18-Aug-19 20:33:09

Unless it's a situation where you have proof of their abusive behaviour and believe that whistle-blowing will prevent further instances (both difficult waters to negotiate) I'd just step aside and stay as far away as possible from them and their hypocrisy. It's not worth your energy or effort.

Miriamkiwi Tue 20-Aug-19 04:28:03

It's a crazy story but some evidence exists. It's not easy for someone like me to simply leave something so unjust to continue, where this happened young people go "missing" all the time, I often find myself wondering if they're fully aware of where they were or what happened when they turn up again, there's no way these rich freaks aren't still freaking it up nowadays...

Redcliff Tue 20-Aug-19 04:40:52

But how would you "out" them?

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Wed 21-Aug-19 11:52:30

Are you drunk?

WannabeGlamper Sat 12-Oct-19 15:58:38

I have no idea what this thread is about.

LittlePaintBox Fri 22-Nov-19 14:56:35

I've no idea what this thread is about either, it seems to have taken a dark turn.

There are people who are not what they seem in my line of work, (not feminism), the trouble is that social media makes it so easy and inviting for someone to create an image for themselves, that then gets picked up by journalists who want to interview someone about a particular issue, and once you've been on telly talking about something you're an expert, and get asked again and again.

Twitter can be quite entertaining if you pick out the wannabee media luvvies and watch them putting themselves through hoops to attract attention. I've observed that, for someone who craves this kind of attention, no amount of attention is ever enough. So I feel kind of sorry for them in a way.

If people are being harmed, or you suspect that they are, then you need to report it to the relevant organisation - police or social services.

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