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Lib Dem Trans Rights: I don't want to be guiltly of "whataboutery"

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TheFoodtheFadandtheFugly Mon 12-Nov-18 20:26:59

I received this email from the Lib Dems this afternoon:

Dear ***

As a Liberal Democrat there are few things about which I feel more strongly.

In the last year:
More than a third of trans people in the UK were victims of a hate crime
Two thirds have experienced depression
More than a third have self-harmed
Almost half have thought about taking their own life
More than one in ten have attempted to
The experiences of many Trans people is hard to hear.

And it makes me so angry, because it is 2018 and we should be better than this.

This week it is Transgender Awareness Week.

This week, Liberal Democrats will speak with one voice: Trans rights are human rights.

Will you help us?

Here are three things you can do right now:
Join our campaign: Trans Rights are Human Rights:
Add a frame to your Facebook profile, saying that you support trans rights:
Share my blog post on trans rights:
This summer in particular, our trans friends have had to defend their right to exist. This week, we can do some of the heavy-lifting for them.

Very best wishes to you on Transgender Awareness Week.


Baroness Sal Brinton
President of the Liberal Democrats.

Of course, I want everyone to live in safety and with dignity. I want awareness raised and action taken wherever there is injustice and prejudice. But it is still something around the phrasing and platforms around this issue - that there can't be a conflation of the struggles for rights experienced by groups. I still don't think I can get the language right when I talk about it.

What would you think if you got this email?

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