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Not really feminism but involves the GRA

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CurlyhairedAssassin Fri 19-Oct-18 19:35:25

This recent case:

(Sorry on phone and can’t remember how to do link)

this got me thinking about what would happen if people WERE legally allowed to self-identify. The perpetrator in this case could claim he IS a woman, surely? So he could argue there is no case to answer to. the victims in this case claim a crime has been committed because they were duped into believing it was a woman when actually it was a male ie with penis.

Woukd the GRA have any bearing on such a case, does anyone know?

I believe there was also a similar case with the opposite scenario. Ie blindfolded victim was female, perpetrator was also female but pretending to be male with strap-on.

Again, could these people claim they are not duping anyone if they themselves feel that they ARE their chosen gender, despite the biological evidence to the contrary ?

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