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Is this discrimination.

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DafyddCymruuk Wed 17-Oct-18 20:33:39

Hi firstly I'm a guy...go team testosterone!
Is this something I should chase up, as I have two daughters so I am a feminist, or is it just life?
One daughter is 10 and just getting periods. She wasn't allowed to swim last week, obviously as she had a period. She missed her swimming grading and so is held back as she cant be assessed until next time and so she stays the same grade and can not progress. They don't do a reassessment.
As guys don't miss assessments as they don't get periods, is it not discrimination as she is a girl and should the not be a opportunity to assess later for such as this? Is this not a case of her being held back as the system doesn't take in the fact girls have periods? Or is this something women just have to put up with?
Not my area of expertise so i'd be grateful of your wisdom. Sexist or just life as a girl?

MemoryOfSleep Wed 17-Oct-18 23:07:42

Hmm. This is very interesting and something I'd not considered. On a is practical note, I know older women can use tampons or moon cups when swimming on their period. There are some swimming outfits that absorb the blood as well. As the first link below shows, period blood does not pose a health hazard to other swimmers, so if the organisers or pool banned her, I'd say that was discrimination. On the other hand, if she decided not to for her own reasons, that's her choice.

DafyddCymruuk Thu 18-Oct-18 11:04:40

Sorted many thanks

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