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Manchester Anti Sex Self ID Protest

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Lucky222 Wed 03-Oct-18 00:46:19

We've not managed to get any press coverage for this, so far anyway. So here's some photos and press release. Please re-blog if you have one or share on social media. Cheers!


On 29 September, women from all over the country gathered in St Peter’s square in Manchester – the site of the bronze Emmeline Pankhurst statue, to be unveiled later this year. The statue is commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, a monumental change in British law with a profound impact on society.
Many women, wearing scarves in the suffragette colours of purple, white and green, were dressed in black t-shirts emblazoned with the words “woman: adult human female”, in reference to Mrs Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull’s billboard in Liverpool that stated the same, and was
controversially removed for being “hate speech”. Others were dressed in red dresses and white bonnets, in reference to the dystopian novel and television programme, “The Handmaid’s Tale” where women are treated as second-class citizens and are deprived of basic human rights.

The protest was to draw attention to proposed legislative changes that will put women’s rights at risk and to do this on the 100th anniversary year of Suffragette protest winning some women the right to vote. The women chose to protest inside the Portland stone ‘meeting circle’ inscribed with the rallying cry of the suffragettes, “Deeds not Words”.

Sarah Cooksley, of Liverpool ReSisters said, “I call upon you all, here and now, to speak up. Defend your rights, before they disappear before your very eyes.”

Some women wore suffragette sashes & T-shirts emblazoned with the words “woman: adult human female”. Others dressed as handmaids; wearing red dresses and cloaks with white bonnets, in reference to the dystopian novel and television programme, “The Handmaid’s Tale” where women are treated as second-class citizens and are deprived of basic human rights.

These women, and many others, are deeply concerned the rights of all women and girls, will be significantly reduced or removed entirely by a proposed change in law colloquially termed, “self ID”. They protest the inclusion of men in women’s spaces, women-only shortlists and women’s awards, as well as in political representation.
The Government is currently consulting on changes to The 2004 Gender Recognition Act. Ministers have suggested that a simple administrative process should permit men to officially become women and women to officially become men.

Manchester based organiser Gemma Griffiths, of the campaign group #ManFriday, said: “Women have had enough; we are calling more women to stand up and publicly voice the concerns they currently only feel able to voice in private”.

Fair Play for Women, an organisation that is also in protest of “self ID”, describes the change in law: “The intention is to make the legal process easier for transgender people. However, this will be at the cost of women’s rights and will effectively signal the end of male-free spaces for women. Service providers are already running ahead of the law and allowing any man who says he’s a woman into their women’s only spaces. GRA reform could see self-identification of sex cemented into UK law; the final nail in the coffin.”

HedgehogPoo Tue 09-Oct-18 13:50:24

Thanks for the post, it's good to see this information in one place Why won't the media cover this - is it too obvious a hot potato for them to handle?

Lucky222 Tue 09-Oct-18 14:50:19

In my opinion because anti sex self ID speech is censored. It is a pedophile and predator's charter, those pedos at predators in high places are determined to get it into law, so they need to keep joe/jane public ignorant of what's happening as far as poss.

HedgehogPoo Tue 09-Oct-18 16:02:23

This is so grim and depressing and I desperately want it to be untrue.

Unfortunately, I have read enough to see that there are links to the PIE members, big pharma companies and never-ending profits, blatant and increasing misogyny and enough rapists and abusers to sink a ship, so that's more than enough to supress the freedom of the press to report. On top of that, the gaslighting that has been going on for years, convincing everyone that some people really are born in the wrong body, has been very successful. How did we arrive at this impossible position, or have I answered my own question?

Lucky222 Sun 14-Oct-18 22:34:58

Yep that's many strands to the web. How did we get here? Definitely by design, not accident in my view.

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