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How can I get clitoral neurovascular anatomy added to OB/GYN textbooks, curriculums, and board exams?

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Jpin86 Wed 11-Jul-18 22:42:29

This gap in education is a patient safety issue and gender inequality issue. I have been trying to email textbook authors, residency program directors, and professional organizations with minimal luck. I’d appreciate any advice or support people could offer. If I could just get this anatomy added to OB/GYN board exams, that would force a change nation-wide. But this would require women demanding it be considered important. Knowledge of this anatomy is important for understanding function and dysfunction and for safe surgery.**@jessica86**/ob-gyns-dont-learn-the-nerves-and-vasculature-of-the-clitoris-ccc56e55ac90?source=linkShare-437fc91ea47b-1531345092

aaarrrggghhhh Thu 19-Jul-18 11:29:17

This sounds like an interesting and important issues - can you explain a bit more?

(and maybe get moved to the general Feminist chat area for more traffic?)

TheGroganator Mon 22-Oct-18 18:16:04

I've been talking about the erasure of women's sexuality on fb feminist threads.
The clitoris is a very potent Sex organ, yet never mentioned.
Seems to be part of the general misogyny of our culture.
Sex is totally portrayed from a male, a nd worse still a pornified male''s point of view.

Sicario Thu 01-Nov-18 14:37:26

You are absolutely right. A friend of mine who describes herself as a radical midwife (she's fantastic) said to me that she had seen only one correct anatomical diagram of the clitoris and its structure (the structure being the parts you cannot see which connect like a huge wishbone). She couldn't remember where she had seen it and had never managed to track it down since.

This is a very important subject. Women can suffer catastrophic consequences after OB/GYN surgery and procedures because of the total lack of knowledge of womens' sexual anatomy.

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