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Women's Strike - 8 March 2018

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thentherewerefour Sat 24-Feb-18 16:59:16

On 8 March women across the world are going on strike. Below is the call to action for women in the UK to join the Women's Strike. We will refuse to work. We will be on the streets. We will shut things down and disrupt business as usual >>

Because the very idea of women going on strike from all the work (waged and unwaged) that we do is impossible - there will be collective food and childcare organised across London for the day.

The Women’s Strike will occur on International Women’s Day. We join a new international feminist movement, which has only grown in strength and determination since exploding onto the streets in recent years from Argentina to Poland, from Ireland to Mexico.

The Women’s Strike defies the idea that all women need to do is tell our stories and speak out. We are exhausted from telling the same story, over and over again. We need action.

To join the Women's Strike - come along to the following rallies and marches - kids welcome.

London: 1pm Russell Square
Birmingham: 12pm Victoria Square
Cardiff: 4.30pm Nye Bevan
Edinburgh: 6pm The Mound.

If you want to get involved in organising for the women’s strike or want to start your own strike assembly at your workplace or in your community, get in touch or come along to one of our events -->


For every woman who is sick to death of being sexually harassed and bullied at work.

For every woman who is hungry and unable to heat her house.

For every woman suffering because of benefit cuts or poverty wages.

For every woman who is expected to earn less than her male colleagues and then come home and start a second shift of cooking, cleaning and caring.

For every woman who is kept powerless by whore stigma.

For every woman of transgender experience who is subject to violence and whose womanhood is denied by the state, her doctor, her employers, and those around her.

For every woman who is told she is just going through a phase, that she’s too pretty to be a lesbian or too ugly to be straight and has endured homophobia, biophobia or queerphobia at home, at work and in the street.

For every woman who has worked herself to the bone to keep the national health and education systems functioning and yet has not received a pay rise in years.

For every woman who has suffered violence at the hands of partners, friends, colleagues or bosses and is not believed.

For every woman who faces violence at the hands of the state through immigration raids, mass incarceration and racist policing.


Women’s work makes life possible. And for that work, we are rewarded with violence and exploitation in the streets, at work and at home. The recent #metoo campaign has exposed the daily reality of sexual harassment and violence that is at the centre of our labour exploitation. To add insult to injury, we’re told that our suffering is inevitable – even natural. We strike to reject that lie. We strike for a world where women can live free from violence and exploitation.

Nothing is external to the women’s movement.

We will strike and we will win.

#westrike to invent a time of our own where our desires and needs are the basis of a new form of life on earth.

Join us – we have a world to win.

The Women’s Strike UK is supported by:
Women’s Strike Assembly (London), Women’s Strike Assembly (Birmingham), Feminist Action Birmingham, Feminist Fightback, Precarious Workers Brigade, Plan C, The x:talk project, AntiUniversity, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, United Voices of the World, Pluto Press, IWGB, Action for Trans Health, Dartmouth Films, Novara Media, Zed Books, Red Pepper, London Latinxs, Housmans, Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union, Sisters Uncut East London, Eastside Projects Birmingham, Grand Union Gallery Birmingham, Autonomic Cooperative, IWW, …and growing!


Sittinonthefloor Sat 24-Feb-18 17:53:57

I was with you till I got to the transgender bit.

thentherewerefour Sat 24-Feb-18 21:34:40

that's a shame sittinonthefloor. we are having a public meeting on Tuesday night about Transfeminism.


SPEAKERS: Joni Cohen | Mijke Van Der Drift | Kuchenga | Ada Cable

Trans women, just like cis women, are in desperate need of the expansion of their rights regarding their bodily autonomy, access to healthcare, and reproductive justice.

Trans and cis feminist struggles are interwoven and share the same antagonists. In both cis and trans experiences, health is always a broader concept than the crudely medical. Whilst trans health and wellbeing can and does incorporate hormone therapy, gender confirmation surgeries, provision for biological reproduction impeded by these processes, and so on; it also extends to protection from violence, homicide and suicide, and material action to make all trans lives more livable and foster the conditions for their flourishing.

Cis and trans women, along with all trans people who experience misogyny, must strike together for bodily autonomy and reproductive justice for all.

In this meeting we will discuss the interwoven nature of our struggles. How the struggles for abortion rights relates to trans struggles for healthcare provision and other reproductive rights. The difficulties faced by trans women seeking to establish networks of solidarity both within and beyond state infrastructures.

How are we affected by structures of oppression such as race, class, immigration status and ability?
How are we nourished by black feminist, queer and anti-capitalist perspectives and analysis?
How are trans people creating autonomous communities of care?
How can a broadened feminism learn from and contribute to these practices?

QuentinSummers Sat 24-Feb-18 21:40:59

For every woman who is kept powerless by whore stigma.

For every woman of transgender experience who is subject to violence and whose womanhood is denied by the state, her doctor, her employers, and those around her.

Er no. It sounded ok until I got to these two, but I am not marching to enable men to pimp and traffic women unfettered, or for "woman" to be reduced to an identity rather than a description of a biological sex.


senua Sat 24-Feb-18 21:46:55

I was with you till I got to the transgender bit.

Same here.
I'll pass on this, thanks.

traviata Sat 24-Feb-18 21:51:01

I am not a cis woman, and I am not a transwoman. I am a woman. So this event does not include me.

Popchyk Sat 24-Feb-18 21:52:35

"Trans and cis feminist struggles are interwoven".

No, they are not.

And do one with your cis feminist bollocks.

Also, the Women’s Strike UK is supported by:

Action for Trans Health
Sisters Uncut

Would love to know a bit more about the Precarious Workers Brigade, though.

I think I might be one.

thentherewerefour Sat 24-Feb-18 21:54:23

so, the majority of sex workers are women. here is the statement that sex workers have written about why they are going on strike - instead of patronising and disrespecting sex workers - i would suggest listening to what workers are saying about what they need and want.

Sex/Work Strike

8th March marks International Women’s Day. Like our mothers and grandmothers before us, we are going on strike. We are calling on sex workers all over the country and around the globe to join us. We strike to protest against the sexist, racist and criminal laws and whore stigma that jeopardise our lives. We will be on strike whether we work in brothels, saunas, strip clubs, street corners or porn shoots, in flats, escort agencies or working independently.
The criminalisation of the sex industry makes our work unsafe and exposes us to violence. So, on March 8th, we will refuse to do the sex/work that we do for money and all the domestic, sex and care work that we are expected to do for free.
The Sex/Work Strike is not just for sex workers, and not just for women. We call of people of all genders and all professions to join us. In joining together, we strike against the conditions of women’s visible paid work and the invisible and devalued domestic and sexual work that keeps the world turning, profits flowing and our communities and families functioning. Injustice runs through our private relationships and public lives. Criminalising our work makes us less safe, and fuels those cycles of injustice.
We know how many workers urgently need money, particularly those of us affected by poverty, migration and legal repression. We encourage sex workers across the globe to come together, creating innovative ways of protesting – so everyone can join the strike even if they can’t afford to just take the day off.
Criminalisation means we face violence at work – at the hands of clients, partners, bosses and policemen who know we can’t go to the legal system for help. Working outside the law means we can’t access vital services, or work together for our own protection. Trans sex workers, migrant sex workers and workers of colour bear the brunt of this violence. The current system is a violation of our dignity and our basic labour rights. It maintains the ownership that men and the government have over our bodies.
Criminalisation is connected to systems of class and race which divide women from each other. It categorises women either as Sacred Virgins or Bad Whores. But let us be clear: these laws maintain male power not just over the bodies of sex workers, but over every woman’s body. This network system of male power and violence treats women’s lives as disposable. It means most women are not believed when we speak out about sexual violence at work or in our relationships. We can’t just offer crumbs of equality to a few women. Until we recognise the interconnected ways that exploitation and oppression affect all women women, none of us will get free.
Criminalisation is not the solution to this problem. We strike against the reactionary idea that sex for money needs to be criminalised to protect and save women. Current attempts to criminalise clients in the sex industry mean that it is working class women, women of colour and migrants who earn less money, are criminalised and often deported. We call on all women to struggle against their own conditions of womanhood and the exploitative and oppressive laws that criminalise our bodies and our labour. We need to STRIKE against the system that divides our labour between what ‘naturally’ belongs to women (and therefore shouldn’t be paid) and what belongs to men (therefore we should supposedly be thankful for and get paid less for doing it).
Decriminalisation means we can work collectively and openly, keeping each other safe maintaining decent working conditions. We must fight against violence and stigma we face with our own voices, under the (red) umbrella of labour and human rights. We don’t need a new set of restrictive laws. We demand freedom from violence and exploitation, and to join with workers around the world in the fight for gender, economic and racial justice.

Theshittyendofthestick Sat 24-Feb-18 21:54:57

Well. That was a disappointment

Popchyk Sat 24-Feb-18 21:56:28

Oh, it's a sex worker thing.


TerfyMcTerface Sat 24-Feb-18 21:58:24

Are Action for Trans Health going to be scouting for feminists to punch?

QueenLaBeefah Sat 24-Feb-18 21:58:36

Well decriminalisation has been a disaster in Germany so I'll pass on going on strike to support pimps.

thentherewerefour Sat 24-Feb-18 22:00:12

a) Sisters Uncut is a women and non-binary only collective who take action against cuts to domestic service. you might remember them from red carpet invasions recently -

b) it's to a 'sex worker thing' or a 'trans thing' - its a Women's Strike - an inclusive feminism that believes our struggles are interconnected.

QueenLaBeefah Sat 24-Feb-18 22:01:49

They aren't interconnected in the slightest.

thentherewerefour Sat 24-Feb-18 22:02:16

perhaps you could explain how decriminalisation supports bosses and owners. did you even read the statement? - criminalising sex workers has been a disaster in EVERY country.

TerfyMcTerface Sat 24-Feb-18 22:03:21

If nothing else, this event shows very clearly how liberal feminism is patriarchy's willing partner.

VaguelyAware Sat 24-Feb-18 22:06:31

I was with you up until the part about prostitution & transgender rights. I will not support pimps, & transwomen have very little in common with biological women. And I suspect with the #FuckUpATerf business, they have made more enemies than they'd realised. People are waking up.

I absolutely support the right of trans people to present how they want, but don't try to get the rest of the world to share their fantasy that all it takes to make a woman is some hair straighteners, an epilator & a bit of makeup.

thentherewerefour Sat 24-Feb-18 22:07:28

liberal feminism? i think you need to check your feminist categories. the women's strike is about as far from liberal feminism as you could get. i understand that for you - as a radical feminist - that you cant get your head around how gender is produced through and by capitalism -- but that's the thing about radical feminism it ends being capitalism willing partner.

VaguelyAware Sat 24-Feb-18 22:11:30

Yes we read the statement, thanks. The thing is, if prostitution was empowering for women, men would be against it. We don't buy your arguments.

TitaniasCloset Sat 24-Feb-18 22:12:45

Oh this will be entertaining grinbrew

Popchyk Sat 24-Feb-18 22:13:32

Is that you Lily?

TerfyMcTerface Sat 24-Feb-18 22:14:51

What could be more capitalist than legalising the trade in women's bodies and sanctioning men to profit from them?

thentherewerefour Sat 24-Feb-18 22:16:37

does working as a cleaner empower women? does working as a nanny empower women? does working in a factory empower women? we dont buy your arguments that criminalising women - many of then mothers and working class women for trying to survive is in any way a feminist position.

QuentinSummers Sat 24-Feb-18 22:17:27

Current attempts to criminalise clients in the sex industry mean that it is working class women, women of colour and migrants who earn less money, are criminalised
Sorry, you've lost me. How does criminalizing the p*enters make prostitutes criminals? Prostitution is not a criminal offence.

EmyRoo Sat 24-Feb-18 22:18:50

The trans movement is capitalist as well, a whole new market for products people don’t need.

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