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YouTuber preying on children with no consequences - Is there anything we can do?

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user1482077810 Wed 21-Dec-16 01:38:56

My best friend and I both have young teenage daughters. Her daughter had become obsessed with a YouTuber called "Onision" recently and would always talk about him. My friend looked him up and found video upon video of this middle-aged man critiquing VERY young girls' bodies with his name "Onision" written on them suggestively.

I have done some research and found this article that was just posted today:

However, the website seems to be "alt-right" and not have all of its facts completely straight.

How do we raise awareness and put an end to this? He seems to pick out the most damaged and unsupervised of these children to live in his house with him and apparently has a sixteen-year-old child living with him currently along with his nineteen-year-old mistress and his wife and two young children. I don't want any more little girls to fall into his trap and I want to save the ones who have. Is it hopeless?

user1482077810 Wed 21-Dec-16 01:41:20

Here is just one example of the concerning videos. I recommend making sure you have an Ad Blocker installed so you do not put any more money into this sick man's wallet.

ICJump Wed 21-Dec-16 02:10:42

So he is awful

Youareabadparent Tue 18-Jul-17 17:47:41

Onision is well known in the Youtube community, He is constantly under fire for multiple different things. The website is not Alt-Right and even if it was it doesn't impact the article. Onision is weird, that's a universal understanding, we're not quite sure if he's playing a character or is genuine.

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