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Sexist NCT letter

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BristolLFR Tue 28-Jun-16 22:45:55

I've signed up to NCT and booked on to a course as expecting first DC. I found the course, I booked, I paid, I'm carrying the baby. There was space to fill in partner details so I obviously included DH.

Just got a welcome letter from NCT, addressed to my husband! It's got both our membership cards on (his first, naturally) so it's not like I'm getting a separate letter.

How effing sexist! I'm fuming. You'd think an organisation like NCT would be better than that...

ArcheryAnnie Wed 20-Jul-16 12:23:35

That is disappointing!

Though - the NCT CEO is now a man. But if you comment on this (or on the clumsy sexism of your NCT letter), cue lots of men crying "but you're the real sexist for pointing this out!"

witsender Sun 16-Oct-16 16:05:59

Yup. I went for a job with them once only yo be questioned (by the female interviewer) in what my childcare arrangements were and how I would balance my home commitments with work. hmm

On a similar note, I went in and registered for the Dentists a while back. Put details in book under my name, with additional people to be added as Dh and the 2 kids. Letter arrived to notify us we were top of the list addressed to MrWits, telling him he and his family could now make an appointment. He's never had contact with them before.

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