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Ched Evans signed to Oldham to be announced tomorrow.

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Louiseu2 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:06:42

I have been very impressed by community members in Sheffield who have stood up for ched Evans rape victim and against his unwillingness to accept responsibility for what he's done; I think what's so upsetting for the young woman involved is how he is claiming he is innocent and has gone on to set up a campaign on line with the aim of getting his guilty verdict overturned.
Campaign groups for women have also come out and asked for football clubs not to sign ched Evans as the case against him was so solid. They also emphasise that this is not about stopping convicted rapists from getting on with their lives, it is about an unrepentant, unapologetic rapist working in a high profile job in the community.
Football as never been so inclusive off the pitch, with women and children regularly attending football matches. Just like racism and homophobia, sexism has no place in it.
In Doncaster on Saturday Oldham
Will play Donny rovers, anti rape campaigners will peacefully protest at Oldham football clubs lack of care and consideration around this issue.
Campaigners should do the same in their towns. Rape is a vile crime that many people especially women and girls hide because they are afraid, ashamed and believe they are to blame or no one will believe them.
Let's change this.

Louiseu2 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:28:04

Just heard Oldham are playing Donny in Oldham. Also there is potentially going to be further protests across the country.

PuffinsAreFictitious Wed 07-Jan-15 22:33:32

There is a protest organised in Bolton on Saturday, I believe.

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