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Thousands of Women Victimised Online

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SayNo Thu 11-Oct-12 23:25:08

Good evening all at Mumsnet, my names J and I'm a girl on a mission: to spread awareness of the hacking and subsequent sharing of PRIVATE photographs from photobucket across the net. Please have a look at my page on FB (link below) to read more about what is going on, as none of the mass media have yet reported on this since it has been uncovered. I'm looking to change that!

For those of you with teenagers, please point them in the direction of the page, as many will have uploaded such pictures of themselves, and a reminder of the risks involved may be helpful!

Thanks for your time smile

Frans1980 Mon 26-Nov-12 01:10:54

It's nothing to do with hacking. It's about taking photos from one website and then posting them on another website without the owner's permission. So more of a copyright issue than a hacking one.

Unfortunately this is impossible. Once you upload a pic to the internet people can do anything they want with it and you are powerless to stop it. If you aren't happy with that then don't upload your naked pics in the first place.

sausagerolemodel Mon 26-Nov-12 01:24:03

It isn't about copyright. They are trying to raise awareness of the fact that even if you have something in a supposedly "private" photo album, many photo hosting websites (photo bucket supposedly being one) have very poor security which makes it easy for "private" photos to be found using simple hacks or workarounds.

MurderOfGoths Mon 26-Nov-12 01:50:03

Where is there any information about images in private albums being shared? I can't see anything about it on that link.

All I can see is a BBC article about intimate photos being copied and used on porn sites. Which is a copyright issue not a hacking issue.

Though I do think people should realise that anything they upload may not remain under their control, and the only way to absolutely guarantee it won't end up being used by someone else is to not make it available online at all.

sausagerolemodel Wed 28-Nov-12 18:15:17

It mentions here (taken from their fb page) that photobucket is particularly easy to hack into with the right info. I don't know if it's true or not, but they are definitely talking about privacy and access to private albums, not simple copyright breach by c&p. I think even the most technophobic youngsters understand that things on the public Internet can spread like wildfire. What is less clear is when is private really private, and how easy it is for your 'private' files to be found on some sites.

Click "About" down below to learn more about us, and how to prevent invasions of your privacy online. Please "like" this page and SHARE it with your friends to raise awareness.
What's the Issue?

The Internet Watch Foundation has estimated that 88% of self-made sexual or suggestive images and videos posted by young people are taken from their original online location and uploaded on to other websites. This theft can occur without your consent, or even your knowledge, and once the images have been stolen it is incredibly difficult to retain control over them.

What's Our Aim?

The purpose of the "Say No To Naked Photobucket" campaign is:

1. To raise awareness amongst young women (and old for that matter) of the growing issue that is the theft and spread of their personal photographs.

2. To provide young people with information on how to tighten up and maintain their privacy online.

3. To help and advise those who have had their photographs stolen.

4. To remind young people that the internet is NOT a safe place to store sensitive data, and to stimulate them to re-evaluate the content that they upload.

Why Photobucket?

One particular issue that we are concerned by is the theft of photographs from the site Photobucket. This is a very insecure website in terms of how your photographs and videos can be accessed, and it is possible for those with the right knowledge to easily gain access to your private albums.

The pictures stolen have been shared across a number of websites, and many of these have been re-uploaded to other "parasite" websites so the initial owner has no power over their spread.

We wanted to highlight this disgusting breach of privacy, and urge all of you who have photobucket accounts to remove ANY pictures you wouldn't want a family member, employer or total stranger to see, whether they are in private photo albums or not. Don't let yourself become a victim!

Remember: be vigilant! The internet is NOT a safe place to store sensitive content regardless of what sites you use.

Please like and share this page to raise awareness!


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