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More choice for girls for their Summer Uniform.

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PippiBurnsTheBra Fri 04-May-12 10:23:47

Speaking to friends and observing my DDs playing in the park after school has made me think that girls should have the choice of wearing shorts if they so wish as part of their summer uniform. After all such choice is available to them in the winter months. For those tomboy girls who would not wear a pinafore dress there is no other choice that wear boys trousers which really is not right (correct me if I am wrong) and also wearing a skirt, especially when older, may stop a girl from some activities which will result in displaying your pants to the entire school: climbing, playing on the bars, etc.

I'd be greatful for your opinion on the matter and what choice is available to girls in re to uniforms in your DCs's schools.


SingingSands Fri 04-May-12 10:25:52

Plenty of girls wear shorts in the summer at schools around here.

littleducks Fri 04-May-12 10:26:38

At dd's school the choice is: gingham dress/trousers and polo shirt/shorts and polo shirt/ shirt and polo shirt.

The poor boys seem to all be in the same trousers as in winter but are allowed to be in shorts too.

PippiBurnsTheBra Fri 04-May-12 10:37:12

Are the shorts tailored for girls or do they have to buy the boys' ones? Is it primary or sec school?

helpyourself Fri 04-May-12 10:43:10

Secondary school girls generally don't have a summer uniform in this country, which I think is sad- coupled with the fact that the shirts are often translucent, I'd say 90% of the girls at my DCs school are in an acrylic jusmper all year round- they ealso eschew socks and wear tights.

It is a feminist issue as they obviously feel exposed in traditional skirt or dress and socks combo.

My DDs have been to school in three continents, the best summer uniform was a skort and shirt, though when younger they were very comfortable in a summer dress. Out of this country it's much more usual to have unisex uniform + skirts, so they've all DDs and DSs worn shorts miost of the time.

I would like to see schools introduce a salwar kameez uniform, it's non constricting and very comfortable, but can you imagine the DMs reaction to any school that introduced it shock

littleducks Fri 04-May-12 10:56:18

Salwar kameez would help with the problem of kids getting sunburnt in school, light material long sleeves/legs would help......don't see it catching on though!

Some girls wear tailored shorts (think next were selling them) but imo they are a bit 'tarty' and the unisex ones are better. This is primary, dd is in the infants (and wears a gingham dress with matching cotton shorts underneath whenever it stops raining!)

MadameChinLegs Fri 04-May-12 10:59:04

Im assuming you are talking about primary school, OP? In which case, I dont think state schools are as strict as private, so surely a pair of smart girls shorts in black or grey wouldn't be frowned upon. I know M&S do a pair of cullotes in grey which are cut for girls but the same colour/material as a pair of boys school shorts.

post Fri 04-May-12 11:01:41

Asda did lovely grey culottes shorts last year too

PippiBurnsTheBra Fri 04-May-12 11:02:56

helpyourself (love the name btw) yes that would be another great choice.

In have checked the following websites: no shorts for girls at all
M&S has lovely shorts for the winter uniform but only in gray or black no blue
UniformDirect no shorts for girls
The School Uniform Company has none
Uniform 247 SchoolUniform247 has none
YousShoolUniform has none.

I will check more.

C0smos Fri 04-May-12 11:06:07

Is tucking your skirt in your knickers when you want to hang upside down not the done thing anymore?

PippiBurnsTheBra Fri 04-May-12 11:06:30

Our primary school is not strict so I am sure there would be no problem in girls wearing shorts. The problem I see is that for those girls that want to the only choice is to buy boys shorts and go against the flow, rather than choos an itam from the official uniform. I feel there should be a choice given and product to be bought. I don't want 'tarty' shorts for girls (I see your point littleducks) just normal shorts but tailored for a girl's body.

Does it make sense?

PippiBurnsTheBra Fri 04-May-12 11:08:31

cosmos, I am talking of summer dresses and skirts. Personally I have no issues in little girls showing their pants whilst on a climbing frame but some parents are not so happy about that, some girls start to be selfconscious I have notices and plus why should this be the choice: play and show or don't play?

PippiBurnsTheBra Fri 04-May-12 11:09:30


SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 11:17:10

Just checked our primary school thing

Girls can wear trousers in winter but in summer they must wear gingham dress - no option of shorts or skirt

It is a pain as she is in recep and I managed to get through all winter clothes without ironing grin but these summer things that's a no-go. Also before she would get stuff eg down her shirt and I'd wash that but skirt would be OK for another day, now it's a fresh dress every day. That is a pain and will run to money I think.

crazygracieuk Fri 04-May-12 11:17:30

I've seen girls shorts and culottes (skort?) sold in lots of places.

In my dd (Y4)'s class, the recent trend is to wear girl shorts with tights.

Before anyone asks, the girl shorts are cut differently to boys ones.

I have also noticed summer dresses that come in two parts- gingham shirt and skirt. I wonder if our school would say something if a boy turned up with gingham shirt and shorts combination?

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 11:17:55

Can anyone link to these supposedly "tarty" (yuck) shorts for primary school children?

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 11:18:50

Culottes are great but I haven't been able to find any.

exexpat Fri 04-May-12 11:22:51

DD (9) wore grey shorts at her old primary; she liked a boys' kind from M&S best, which were longish and had combat-style pockets on the legs, but she also had some girls' ones. I'm not sure what the uniform list said officially, but no one said anything.

She's now at a private primary and was asking this week if shorts were OK there too, so I need to check. Her favourite playtime activity is hanging upside down from climbing frames, so summer dresses are a nuisance - they get in the way when climbing, and fall down over your head when you are upside down, as well as exposing your knickers to crude comments from the boys.

exexpat Fri 04-May-12 11:24:17

Next has a few styles of shorts and culottes but I think DD may prefer boys' ones again.

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 11:26:23

They've got to wear gingham at dd school though

littleducks Fri 04-May-12 11:27:17

The 'tarty' shorts were from last summer (nobody is in summer uniform here, its cold and rainy) so no link I'm afraid.

This is next's offering this year, I still wouldn't think them suitable for primary school tbh but they aren's as bad as last year.

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 11:27:27

something like this will be great for next year though!

exexpat Fri 04-May-12 11:28:00

Do you mean you'd need gingham shorts/culottes? I haven't seen any of those. Wouldn't grey shorts and plain or gingham blouse be OK? What do the boys wear?

littleducks Fri 04-May-12 11:29:19

Actually seeing exeepats link the shorts were like these minus the tights no idea if they were sold with tights or not then.

SardineQueen Fri 04-May-12 11:30:01

the boys seem to be in the same uniform as winter but with grey shorts instead of trousers if they like (has been raining here so not many shorts around!)

girls the list just says gingham dress.

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