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Cbeebies gender stereotyping yet again...Tree Fu Tom, Octonauts, Andy's Wild Adventures

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EthelredTheUnready Sat 07-Apr-12 10:36:46

So here we go again - All the new programming on CBeebies seems to be just increasing the stereotyping..

Tree Fu Tom is great - magical and exciting - has my kids completely riveted - But when their friends come over to play the boys get to choose that they want to be Tom, Twigs, ZigZoo, or Squirmtum..and the girls get to be Ariana - really no other option... (only Mummys get to be Treetog, she just aint exciting enough)

Or Octonauts - Barnacles, Peso, Quasi, Shellington (the boys) are always the ones heading out to the action - the few female characters play minor service roles back at base...

Where are the dynamic female characters, the leaders, the adventurers? Where are the women who go out and do things.. who take the lead? Who have the ideas? Who are not scared or passive?

Why does it have to be MIKE the knight, ANDY's Wild adventures?

Girls on CBeebies tend to be pink and well girly - Rosie, Angelina.. or playing service or gender based roles - Katie lovely as she is, of course is doing cooking... Nina and the Neurones is a single example of non stereotyping I can think of - I find Dirtgirlworld unwatchable so can't comment.

My daughter is quite upset about it and has been much happier when we found out that Tree Fu Tom is actually a girl (well voiced by a woman!)..

At 3-6 kids are really exploring gender roles. It's as important for boys as well as girls - my friends four year old is totally in love with Ariana, a fabulous dynamic female character.. but she is the only one - Why wasn't Twigs a female? Why isn't it Katie's Wild Adventures? Why isn't Captain Barnacle a fantastic female leader?

There is good stuff out there - We have Jane and the Dragon dvds, which both kids love - but its few and far between and not at CBeebies -

Really, what are we telling our daughters (and our sons) in this day and age..

Am now going to switch the telly off and write to Kay Benbow, the controller of CBeebies..

Yamyoid Sat 06-Apr-13 09:49:14

Have just stumbled across this old thread...
My ds loves Wonder Pets and I discovered [unfortunately to his dismay] that two of the three characters are female and there's nothing to identify them as such, ie pink outfits, bows etc.
Are Americans actually ahead of the British in terms of good female lead characters? Or is it all going backwards?
As a child I loved She-Ra, Dungeons and Dragons with the Amazonian type female character; one called Fire Star who was with Spider Man in the cartoon. Where have all the female super heroes gone?
It's really really poor.

HaventGotAStitchToWear Sat 04-May-13 03:53:31

Oh I just hate Ceebeebies!

Haven't had it on in a loooong time as we prefer collecting good DVDs. Here are some with no silly gender stereotyping and great female leads-

Kiki the sorceress
My Neighbour Totoro
First Fun With French
The Secret of Kells

I hate Peppa Pig- especially Mummy Pig- puke!
Hello Kitty is horrible. 'She loves flowers in the sun??'
Detest Show Me Show me!

My little girl loves Dora :-)

Kiki the sorceress

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Sun 26-May-13 21:31:12

I hate the lazy and sexist defaulting to male as universal, female as other ... Even when it's disguised as 'same but pink'.

The reason why girls can 'read themselves into' male characters is because society tells them they have to / it's ok, whereas boys cannot do the same for girls as its 'not ok'. This is not just a harmless quirk, it becomes hard wired into our brains, literally set in our neural pathways (was a sociolinguist originally). The awful thing is, we are going backwards in terms of media images.

I heartily dislike that my son already cannot see himself as any girl character, with the exception of Dora, and I suspect he doesn't think Dora is a girl... This is in spite if me trying hard.

girliefriend Sun 26-May-13 21:37:15

I think gender sterotyping is getting worse in a lot of aspects at the moment, it makes me sad that my dd hasn't gone any positive strong female role models to look up to on any of the kids tv programmes.

<Wracks brain - there must be one surely>

Karkadan Mon 03-Jun-13 11:06:17

Having a son, this bothers me too. At the moment, he (almost 4) is happy to play any role - his favourite is Dashi, and of the Tweenies (which he loves, but the gender stereotyping is so bad!), it's Fizz 'because she is pink, my favourite colour, and she does ballet like me, and I like her hair'. But for how long? Let's Play is the only one that makes an effort to give the traditional male roles to Rebecca, but I seem to be fighting a battle I thought was over when I refer to 'police officers' and 'fire fighters' and on TV they are usually '-men'.

louisianablue2000 Fri 19-Jul-13 16:56:18

Our favourite is Nina, thankfully I'm a scientist so my DDs have no problem accepting a woman can be a scientist (although DD1's friends at school told her I couldn't be a scientist!). Sarah and Duck is quite good, and we love Abney and Teal.

Poledra's link is depressing, that cbeebies are consciously having lots of male presenters and characters to hold their male share of the audience. I suppose most people don't care about the gender stereotyping, or believe it's hardwired (lost count of the conversations I've had where people tell me how their girl just automatically loves pink).

DVDs help a bit but I started a thread a month or so ago asking for ideas for female strong films for kids and they are pretty difficult to find as well, most films fail the Bechdel test for goodness sake!

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