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Women's Networking Hub - challenges gender inequality

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shah Thu 15-Mar-12 18:52:19

As the Founder of the Hub I possess a wide range of skills as a Campaigner, Social Worker, and Trainer.

My pre and post qualifying work experience has enabled me to take on a range of roles in relation to gender inequality and championing women’s human rights.

In 2009 I set up the Women’s Networking Hub which has been created to work collectively with independent women activists and change makers, and those working in the voluntary, statutory and independent sector, all working to eradicate gender inequality in all its forms at grass roots level. Our work has included networking events using the arts as a means of engaging with women and raising awareness of sensitive issues, such as forced marriage, FGM, and domestic violence. We also support women setting up campaigns, by providing a platform for them via our web site, local events, and collaborating with other campaigning groups to deliver training workshops, such as the Women’s Resource Centre, OBJECT, Women for Women Wordwide, and UK Feminista. More recently we have partnered with the renowned Young Foundation, to develop a ‘Digital Activism Programme’ for women in Birmingham.

As an experienced trainer I have been delivering domestic violence training to women survivours, and to professionals who have a keen interest in developing skills within this area of work. This work is delivered as part of the ‘Freedom Programme’ to women survivours of domestic violence and the ‘Train The Trainer - Freedom Programme’ training to professionals. In addition to this role I am a trained facilitator, delivering programmes of empowerment and citizenship training to women in the community, as the ‘Women Take Part’ programme and the community engagement programme ‘Voice’. On the 9th July 2011 co-delivered the ‘People’s Conference’ – citizens unite to make change in Birmingham. On the day I lead on shaping the ‘women’s’ agenda with local residents, to identify key issues, identify solutions, and to develop a way forward.

Over the years I have actively campaigned to raise awareness of violence, in all its forms, against women and children. As a project worker & committee member at a women’s refuge, a volunteer helpline counsellor for a rape & sexual violence project, and over the last four years as the lead in Birmingham for the largest movement of women since Greenham Common, Million Women Rise. As the Founder/Coordinator of the Women’s Networking Hub I delivered a one day event, ‘Healing & Saying, Through the Arts’, during the 16 Days of Activism, , bringing together national & regional campaigners, activists, and artists, as an innovative platform of action.

Sepalia Fri 16-Mar-12 13:44:13

Good to spot a fellow feminist on this website!
Can you spread the word please about the petition to end advertising for cosmetic surgery.


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