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peer pressure/sexualisation and abuse of girls

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chrissie9 Thu 16-Feb-12 12:24:21

I am concerned about the pressure, particularly on girls, to be thin, sexy, there for boys and not much else. I am a Mum of 2 girls, also a Head at a Primary School and I am doing my best at these levels to raise self awareness, self esteem and worth etc, but I want to know what can be done at secondary school level when these issues really kick in ,especially pressure from boys, who can have a distorted view about girls largely I feel thanks to the internet porn industry[and media of course].
I know many schools have some sort of programme in place that is rolled out from time to time, but I feel a more organised, concerted approach is needed to what is becoming a rapidly escalating situation, where masses of girls are exposed to crude behaviour[at least] and abuse[at worst] as they go about their every day school life.
Anyone out there got any ideas, or want to organise some sort of campaign...or is there something already out there to join?

WomanlyWoman Wed 25-Apr-12 12:27:49

fao the op, The Astell Project are a feminist group running a campaign to introduce gender studies into schools, might be worth seeing if there are any ways you could get your school involved.

Katebromley Sat 05-May-12 20:54:47

My daughter goes to a mixed school where days before GSCEs start (ie when they are supposed to be doing last-minute revision sessions) the head of year used lesson time to ask the kids (16 year olds) to vote for "prettiest girl in the year", "most annoying couple in the year" etc. I can't believe a teacher (who I know has dealt with pupil problems like anorexia, self-harming, pregnancy etc) is promoting such pathetic values/ideal in both female and male pupils. T Should I complain to the Head?

WomanlyWoman Sun 06-May-12 23:01:18

"prettiest girl in the year", "most annoying couple in the year" - I am incredulous. What? Yes, complain to the head, and if the reaction isn't goood enough complain to the local authorty, complain to the press. FFS make an issue of it, I would go utterly raj if they did that in my daughter's school..

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