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Fisher price - learning handbag

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ScaryFairy28 Tue 13-Dec-11 23:20:21

I think this is a bit wrong what does putting lipstick in a toy for a six month old say about our society? Am I the only one to think this is an odd gift to the daughter of a lesbian who isn't in to pink and overly girlie?

NotADudeExactly Wed 14-Dec-11 15:34:43

It's an odd hift for anyone, IMO.

And "learning handbag" - WTF? It's not as though using one is exactly rocket science!

NotADudeExactly Wed 14-Dec-11 15:35:01

Gift, even!

ScaryFairy28 Wed 14-Dec-11 20:36:58

I was a bit confused by it not that I don't let my dd have girly things she has a pink mamas and papas rocking horse that I love but just think its so wrong! Was so sad got it as part of a secret Santa between 8 friends we all know each other pretty well having spent a lot at our maternity leave together and everyone else got such well thought out bundles of gifts and we got THAT!! Guessing I got matched with the girl I know least! Do hope there not reading this!!

StewieGriffinsMom Mon 26-Dec-11 19:57:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lisaro Mon 26-Dec-11 20:03:53

Don't see what difference her being the daughter of a lesbian makes. Or should they be treated differently?

meditrina Mon 26-Dec-11 20:35:26

Here's Argos's description of it. It is perhaps - from the baby's pov -not as bad as it seems, though personally I don't like this genre of electronic 'educational' toys at all (we were given a similar VTech car ages ago).

It is also however an example of adding more gendered toys to the market. Clearly it sells, or a major manufacturer wouldn't bother with it. So yes, it is a question about why a plain shape isn't enough. I put it down to the need for increased sales - one good (wooden) shape sorter, and one good quality activity centre would last several children of either sex. Gendering is a good way (potentially) to double sales.

TransatlanticCityGirl Sat 12-May-12 23:21:35

I love how the descriptions says the handbag encourages smiling. This is an important life skill for us women.

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