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Condoms with Teeth??!

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CheerfulYank Fri 02-Dec-11 13:36:41

I hadn't heard of this before, so apologies if it's been done...

What are we thinking about this?

AyeSmagic Fri 02-Dec-11 13:41:02

I think it's one way to make sure that rape victims get killed or at least even more seriously injured than they would without them. And a million other thoughts that I don't have time to type just now.

Guns would be more effective in fighting rape.

Drowz0r Sun 11-Dec-11 19:31:48

Handing out guns might be a little problematic though.

ChocolateMuffin32 Thu 05-Jan-12 16:24:26

I say all for them!!!!!! Teach them a lesson they won't forget in a hurry!!!!!!! xxxx

ChocolateMuffin32 Thu 05-Jan-12 16:26:14

Drowz0r what would be problemtic about guns??!????!! Shoot them in the one-eyed trouser snake!!!!!!!!

Haziedoll Thu 05-Jan-12 16:42:49

I agree with Aye. I take it the rapist would be in pain during the rape which would give him an incentive to murder his victim.

If it wasn't such a serious subject I would think this was a hoax.

The way to protect women against rape is change attitudes, catch the bastards and ensure that they face severe punishment but hey that's just too radical.

KoPo Thu 05-Jan-12 22:38:20

AyeSmagic Yep totally agree with you there. Would defo put the victims life at greater risk.

On another point I showed the link to my SIL who said "that would be great for getting back at my ex".

So please dont let us get them over here

KristineRackabusi Tue 24-Jan-12 21:29:49

Anything that prevents the incidence of rape increasing can only be a good thing. I've not looked at the stats but is there any evidence they increase the deaths/injuries of victims? I'd have thought that teeth piercing a penis would provide enough pain to incapacitate a man.

However, if the man notices there is a tooth-dom fitted before entry (somehow) then he might be more savage in his rape, removing it or even forcing an anal rape

BertieBotts Tue 24-Jan-12 21:31:43

I thought this was a hoax? Interesting to discuss the merits/problematic aspects from a theoretical POV though. And horrible that there is enough of a problem to warrant the idea sad

Zaraa Fri 20-Jul-12 20:31:25

Want my opinions?

-If the rapist is snared by one of these it may be a good way to ensure he gets mad and kills the woman. Or if she escapes he could track her down over the next few days and kill her.

-If they became popular then rapists would know about them and end up checking for them with his hand first and pulling it out (and possibly cause injury in the process)?

-What if a woman forgets to remove it before consensual sex?

-What if a woman leaves it in intentionally to get revenge on a man? There would be no better way to destroy a man's life- damage his penis then have him charged with a rape he did not commit.

-Since there is no way to tell when a woman is about to get raped she would in theory need to leave this thing in 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Sound fun?

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