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buccalen Tue 09-Aug-11 13:11:45


my mum has written a play and its being performed in Edinburgh this month! Strong women taking action through art.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED is a play about a woman dealing with life after 50,she's single,her children are leaving home, her friends are getting facelifts and fillers, and she has cancer,so naturally she decides to do Stand Up Comedy! It is a surreal comedy with a cast of 4, blending physical theatre with Stand Up, Cabaret and a little pole dancing! The show is booked at the Edinburgh Festival in August and looking to come to London in the autumn.
I wrote Stand up and Be Counted after I had undergone surgery and six months of chemotherapy for bowel cancer. I had the idea for the piece the previous year as I wanted to look at what happens to women after 50. We are not seen much publicly, we're hardly on the telly or in government or in the glam mags, we become invisible and yet here I am with my children about to leave home feeling a great sense of excitement and liberation. During my treatment for cancer I met a lot of wonderful people, nurses, doctors, patients and there were a great many laughs,one night we were all dancing to Michael Jackson on the ward, and so I wanted to include some of that and take a comic yet honest look at cancer and life after 50. Love,sex and death, what more do you need!

They need a bit of help with funding so check out their crowdfund page at

thank you
love and respect to all the mums on here smile

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