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Sertraline - what fresh hell is this?!

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SagacityNell Fri 09-Jul-10 22:49:41

I have had one and i have had to abandon my night out because i kept feeling like i was going to pass out. Soooo nauseous. How long can i expect side effects for? tbh i didn't expect any so soon!

coffeepods Fri 09-Jul-10 23:43:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GetDownYouWillFall Sat 10-Jul-10 08:59:05

Oh no, poor you sad you are not having a good time with ADs are you.

I've never taken sertraline, but have had citalopram which is in the same class (SSRI).

It made me very very sick too. Not sure how long it lasts - I couldn't hack it and stopped after 3 days. I think most of them say 2 weeks for side effects to subside.


MathsMadMummy Sat 10-Jul-10 09:01:19

I've had sertaline when I was a teen, and got the awful heartburn/nausea. should wear off soon but you could try taking rennies with them?

interestingly I'm now back on them - had put them off because I was so worried about the side effects but I didn't get any this time!

SagacityNell Sat 10-Jul-10 11:01:25

2 weeks???

You would think they would add an anti emetic to these things so people actually stick with them!

Had trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep but had an AMAZING dream if utterly bizarre!

Ah citalopram had this effect on me too at first but i don't remember it to be this soon or this intense.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 10-Jul-10 11:04:46

Sagacity hang in there - I felt ropey for about 5/6 days and then I felt much better.

I used to take mine right before going to sleep because they kind of made me pass out and then I didn't notice any sickness because I was asleep.

They transformed my life and have saved my sanity and quite possibly my marriage. I was on them for a year and have now been 'clean' for 2 months because we're trying for another baby.

RockinSockBunnies Sat 10-Jul-10 11:06:13

I'm actually starting to try and wean myself off Sertraline, having been on it for just over a year. The nausea is horrible. I kept feeling that I would vomit, though never actually did. I think that the nausea passed within about two weeks though, and I had no other side effects at all.

Trying to come off it is pretty ghastly though - the world is quietly spinning and shows no signs of slowing down.

SagacityNell Sat 10-Jul-10 11:08:18

there is a small amount of slight spinning now. I think i coped better with suicidal thoughts than thinking i was going to vomit/faint

MathsMadMummy Sat 10-Jul-10 12:56:17

yes the spinning is not fun. I had one day of it this time round (but was much easier than the nausea!) - luckily my dad stayed all day. took us out to lunch and the restaurant was definitely moving... confused

but hang in there. it'll get better.

LackaDAISYcal Sat 10-Jul-10 19:59:12

It passes, but it is pretty nasty while it lasts. Felt like vertigo or seasickness to me.

for me it lasted about seven days, but I'm sure the leaflet says around two weeks.

Same effect happens if you stop them suddenly (as I did when I filled my little daily pill box with co-codamol and had been taking them for over a week before I noticed blush)

Anyhoo, tis horrible, but it will get better. I have changed from them now, but only because we thought they weren't working (see above) and I had the new script which I have had before so just went with the new ones.

SagacityNell Sun 11-Jul-10 11:16:24

I found a plus!

I am so nauseous that i can't face any food grin

SagacityNell Mon 12-Jul-10 14:58:05

Seriously cannot cope with this now. It feels like i am coming off heroin or something. NOt that i ever have but what i imagine that to be like. I am so nauseous today that i can't even drink without thinking i am about to vomit, bit clammy and shivery and certainly not able to look after my 2 year old properly.
Was awake in the night thinking i was going to be ill.

This can't be normal??

LacksDaisies Mon 12-Jul-10 18:01:15

I would give the GP a call tomorrow and check; does sound a bit nasty. Could it be just a bug that's adding to your side effect symptoms?

SagacityNell Mon 12-Jul-10 18:31:33

DOn't think so.

I'm alternating between feeling like a zombie, feeling spaced out and feeling like a junkie with shivers and shakes. I feel so sick that i have barely eaten since i started them on Friday night - which ordinarily i would be pleased about but 4lb weight loss in 3 days is not great for my fighting anorexia I now have a really awful headache.

pinksmarties Mon 12-Jul-10 21:03:17

sertraline has saved my life.

What dose are you on sagacitynell ?

BTW you must take them just before bedtime.

Tell me your dose.

SagacityNell Mon 12-Jul-10 21:07:00

Only 50mg and i take it as i get into bed.

MathsMadMummy Mon 12-Jul-10 21:47:40

have you tried the rennies nell? they helped me with the nausea.

I take 50mg and take it in the morning, could you try that instead?

SagacityNell Mon 12-Jul-10 21:53:39

But if i am waking at night thru Nausea then i am still going to get it aren't i?

Not tried Rennies, not got any in and bit worried about leaving the house in case i do vomit. Tried old morning sickness tricks like flat lemonade & ginger nuts. Even looked for my sea sickness bands. I can't hack this for another day never mind 2 weeks!

I need to be able to look after my children especially with the holidays coming up.

Maybe i don't get to be fixed.

MathsMadMummy Tue 13-Jul-10 07:51:05

could you split the pills in half and take 25mg in the morning, and 25mg at night?

GooseyLoosey Tue 13-Jul-10 08:11:38

I'm trying to remember, but I am sure that I was told not to take it at night as it can affect sleep and so it was better to take it firt thing in the morning. I found it great for depression, but also experienced feelings of detachment which made me come off it in the end. I would also say that in the short term it probably saved my life too.

All that said, I think I would see a GP about your side effects, they sound extreme to me. Maybe start with a smaller dose and build up?

MathsMadMummy Tue 13-Jul-10 08:17:49

it could be that if you take it in the day, you'll have more distractions and more food/water so the nausea won't have such an effect. and you will have had better sleep.

can you get somebody to drop off rennies? (also just having mints/gum can help)

normally the minimum does for adults is 50 BUT they do give kids sertraline and they'd have 25, so technically the GP should be able to get that dose for you.

SagacityNell Tue 13-Jul-10 11:12:34

I didn't take it last night and slept ok (for me) was able to wake up properly and although i am a little nauseous today i think that's more hunger than anything else.I also feel more 'there' if that makes sense.

I go back next week anyway. She said that because i was affected so badly by Citalopram side effects (not like this though!)to take at night so that i slept thru most of the nausea.

orangeflutie Tue 13-Jul-10 17:55:58

I do hope you start feeling better soon. I haven't tried sertraline but had similar side effects from citalapram, which you've also not got on with. See how it goes, I was on citalapram for 6 wks and eventually went to see my GP who was shocked cos I'd lost half a stone thru total disinterest in food/lack of appetite. I know sertraline is in same family as citalapram so hope you're not losing too much weight Good luck next week.

ledodgy Tue 13-Jul-10 18:02:54

I hate these tablets. I was on them years ago and they didn't agree with me at all. I was told NOT to take them at night. Well actually I was originally told to take them at night and then went back to the gp because I was having vivid dreams/episodes one was that the house was on fire, I was convinced I could smell smoke and dp found me naked with the front door wide open trying to let in air. When I went back the Dr apologised and said he'd made a mistake and I shouldn't be taking them at night. Don't drink onbthem either I was 22 and carried on drinking they enhanced the detached feeling so much so I tried to cop off with someone in front of my dp I just didn't care. God they sent me nuts.

SagacityNell Tue 13-Jul-10 18:03:37

IT's weight i put on while taking Mirtazapine.

Ironically Citalopram made me lose weight and then levelled off. The nausea and cotton wool feeling didn't thoughhmm

Have wasted so much food today making it and then not really wanting to eat it. I am liking the idea of food better than the having it. It's not like i am making myself not eat - i CAN'T! I don't know how to describe it.

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