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they have stopped my sister's treatment

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beep Wed 17-Aug-05 18:31:08

my sister was diagnosed with bowel cancer spring 2004 by which time it had spread to her liver she has had several big ops on the bowel and all the cancer has gone from there. But she has had 3different tpes of chemo and now none of them are working,she was told last monday there is nothing more they can do for her. Her consultant has said she could have as little as 2 months now .Iam really upset,we are very close (only since late teens before that we fought so much my mum sent her to board at school!.She is distraught at not being able to see her children grow up.she has 2 boys 9 and nearly 15.

HuggyBear Wed 17-Aug-05 18:31:56

I am so sorry to hear that

Aimsmum Wed 17-Aug-05 18:34:30

Message withdrawn

spursmum Wed 17-Aug-05 18:35:01

Not a lot to add but i know kinda what you're feeling. My ds grandmother(nicer than saying x-MIL) died of breast cancer when he was a year. It broke my heart to know that she would never see him grow up.
As i said not a lot to add but lots of <<<<<hugs>>>>> for you.

RnB Wed 17-Aug-05 18:35:21

Message withdrawn

Blu Wed 17-Aug-05 18:36:40

Very very sorry to hear this beep. It is unthinkable for those poor children.

puff Wed 17-Aug-05 18:39:22

beep Wed 17-Aug-05 18:42:57

I lost my brother in a car accident 31/2 years ago and bil51/2 years ago to cancer so half of my nephews and nieces will have lost a parent as kids.I just feel so helpless,the main thing that is praying on my mind is dd1 is having multilevel surgery in october and will be in hospital in Oxford for three weeks and then will need a long recuperation time.

beep Wed 17-Aug-05 18:58:49

I'm sorry I forgot to thank you all for your kind messages.

Betty1970 Wed 17-Aug-05 20:33:03

Beep, this is all so sad, and puts so many things in to perspective. What is your dd1 having surgery for? My thoughts are with you and your family xx

Hulababy Wed 17-Aug-05 20:33:46

I am so sorry

beep Wed 17-Aug-05 20:36:02

betty the surgery is for cerebal palsy.

yabbs Thu 18-Aug-05 08:08:35

hi Beep I am a new memeber but I read this a thought I should say I am so sorry to hear about this I hope you are ok? It must be very hard.

sassy Thu 18-Aug-05 11:07:44

Beep, I'm sorry to hear this. My Mum died of bowel cancer in 1999, aged 49 - my dsis was only 13 at the time. Its a dreadful thing and if it is in the liver there realy is nothing they can do. The only positive thing I can say is that it isn't generally a painful, undignified process; patients are lucid and reasonably comfortable right to the final days (this was true for my Mum).

Thiniking of you and yours. Feel free to CAT me if you'd like to

Fennel Thu 18-Aug-05 11:14:43

Sorry to hear this Beep. My SIL also has bowel and liver cancer, diagnosed 4 months ago, and is about to start chemo - she has children aged 12 and 8 too. the family is not really coping with it.

Betty1970 Fri 19-Aug-05 17:49:19

Beep, I really hope the surgery goes ok for your dd1 - thinking of you.

edgetop Fri 19-Aug-05 18:24:26

beep thinking of you,life just is not fair

beep Fri 19-Aug-05 18:39:16

thank you all for the support.we are going to stay with her next week for a few days so I hope the weather is good so we can go to the beach.

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