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I really dont like myself

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sadperson Tue 16-Aug-05 20:22:14

I've turned into a miserable, nagging, impatient, selfish, self-loathing person. Its nearing the time of the month so my mood is low anyway but i just dont like the person i've become. I've turned into the sort of person/wife/mum who i hate and vowed i would never be like. I feel so inadequate in most situations, i'm jealous of others having more than me, i'm resentful and bitter towards most people and i'm generally very irritable! Any advice please?

Ulysees Tue 16-Aug-05 20:31:29

I get like this too SP when I have pmt. In fact have it at the moment but this month I've taken a multi vitamin plus magnesium and am loads better. Homeopathy's good for this too. Sorry for being like a bloke and trying to solve your problem, must be the hormones.

Have you done anything to help these feelings? I know it's difficult opening up and admitting all of this but once you get the ball rolling you may find it does get easier?

dropinthe Tue 16-Aug-05 20:33:32

I'm like this alot of the time because I have an underactive thyroid-have you had you thyroid checked lately?? Can make you feel very low!

sadperson Tue 16-Aug-05 20:51:22

Yeah I should probably get that checked out. Thanks for the suggestion. I know alot of it at the moment is to do with pmt etc, but just in general, i find it hard to be positive about myself. I picture myself as being one way but I know that in reality i am someone who i just dont like and i dont like other people who are like me if that makes sense!

dropinthe Tue 16-Aug-05 20:53:56

I'm in a permanent state of pmt because the underactive thyroid makes me have periods every two weeks on the dot for the last 6 months! Its no fun-I'm on an emotional rollercoaster most of my life.
Plus I only recently gave up breastfedding which I had done for over 18 months so my body was also hormonely buggered-go to the quacks-who knows,eh?

Ulysees Tue 16-Aug-05 20:57:20

I think a lot of people feel at least somewhat like this. We all put on an act some of the time. Have you had a check up with your GP or spoken to him/her?

Have to go for now but will see how you are tomorrow xx

nightowl Wed 17-Aug-05 04:26:26

theres around 7 words in your post that sound just like me. these are my bad points....i have good points too, many of them, i just dont see the good points when im feeling down.

the more you concentrate on what you think is wrong with yourself, the more down you will be and so on. you need to break the cycle.

ssd Wed 17-Aug-05 08:13:45

sadperson, I think you're (like me) probably your own harshest critic and if you asked your dh or friends and family to describe you they'd be a lot more positive! Being a mum is hard and life is unfair at times. We all get down and honestly you sound like me a lot of the time!

Try to list all of your good points, I bet you've got loads!

Sorry to sound so daft, just trying to cheer you up

yabbs Wed 17-Aug-05 08:15:13

God this sounds like me to I have not self confidence it starnge as you feel like the only one going through it.

Glash28 Wed 17-Aug-05 08:42:26

Sounds like you lot need a damn good and well deserved holiday!!! I hope you all take time out to give yourself 'me time' even if it is going for a swim or to visit a friend. I don't know if you are all finished having your familes now but I have the Depovura (I don't know how to spell it!) injection and I don't have periods anymore. If you do decide to have a family and you come off it it can take up to 18 months for it to completely come out of your system but maybe its worth a chat to your GP about it. I just wanna give everyone a hug. I know I needed it when I was the only one out of my friends to have babies so no-one ever visited. All I ever wanted was a chat over a cup of coffee with my kids playing with someone else's kids. Just a little bit of company.

yabbs Thu 18-Aug-05 08:05:55

How are you feeling now?

Sadperson Thu 18-Aug-05 22:47:03

Not great tbh - just had row with dh which hasnt helped. Also had bad day at work. Still, only another week of pmt!!! Thanks for all your support X

Mary71 Thu 18-Aug-05 22:53:13

did you like your self 5 years ago??

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