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Pleeeeease share your positive experiences of Citalopram?

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LadyCad Wed 30-Jun-10 18:42:37

I'm on day two of a very low dose for anxiety and I'm feeling drowsy and a bit crap tbh.

Also I've been googling lots of horrid side effects (I know, I know, never google grin)

SagacityNell Wed 30-Jun-10 20:25:27

I only had one positive (sorry) and that was that taking it at night lessened the side effects.

LadyCad Wed 30-Jun-10 20:50:56

Thanks, every little helps! smile

Saffysmum Wed 30-Jun-10 21:38:04

Stick with it for two weeks, and you should feel your anxiety lessen. It's normal to feel a bit rough for the first few days - taking it at night may help. I've seen it help loads of people, but going on it can be a bit rough, as is coming off it - but just go with the flow, and you should gradually feel better. It is normal to feel tired, but unable to sleep well, off your food, a bit queasy, a bit "off" generally - then after two weeks you start to feel normal again, and hopefully it will kick in. It works wonders, but give it time.

LadyCad Wed 30-Jun-10 22:00:01

Oh thankyou Saffy. It's new territory for me and, frankly, a bit scary.

Rockbird Wed 30-Jun-10 22:02:27

I love it (not sure I'm supposed to say that!) Have been off it for a few months as we're ttc but I am counting down till I can take it again. I was originally prescribed for PND but it helped so much and transformed me from the angry, depressed person I was before into a human being.

You need to give it a couple of weeks to really feel the benefit but I can't describe how much better it made me feel.

Good luck.

zam72 Thu 01-Jul-10 09:46:54

Message withdrawn

LadyCad Thu 01-Jul-10 12:43:56

This is what I wanted to hear, thankyou

BaronConker Thu 01-Jul-10 12:51:48

My experience was very positive, and I've been on it twice, both times for horrible anxiety/depression after having my babies.

Did feel a bit zonked and slow for a few days but that soon went. Also had a tremor in my jaw for a couple of days and a dry mouth but these also wore off very quickly.

I found that I was much, much less anxious, more able to cope with crises, had a more positive outlook and was able to get on with my life, whereas before I took it I was just a wreck, sleepless, crippled with horrible, nameless anxiety and not able to be a good wife or parent to my boys.

I took mine in the morning too, as I was advised this would be better for me as one of my main anxiety symptoms was insomnia.

For me, the positives outweigh the negatives by a long, long way. I also found that I was able to come off citalopram without much trouble - I reduced very slowly, from 20 down to 10, then asked my GP to prescribe the liquid form which you take as drops so I could reduce very, very gradually. This was as much for my own peace of mind as any evidence that withdrawal would be a problem, but as you can probably tell Im' a bit of a worrier! I've been off this medication for over a year now and haven't looked back.

LadyCad Thu 01-Jul-10 14:14:13

Thanks Baron. I've never taken anything like this before and coming off it has been worrying me.

All very reassuring. smile

whereisthemanual Thu 01-Jul-10 18:25:24

Also a huge thumbs up from me. Was on it for about 18 months for depression and anxiety (after a bad experience with Prozac).

Started on 20mg and increased gradually to 60 which really helped me function. In terms of side effects, I remember having a really dry mouth for a good few weeks and needing to drink a lot more than normal. Apart from that, I don't really remember any others. I did put on a bit of weight (about half a stone I think) which I couldn't shift until I came off it. Small price to pay for sanity IMO.

I came off it really slowly over 3 months dropping the dose gradually every couple of weeks. Didn't notice any side effects.

I was pretty lax about when I would take it. Tried to do it in morning but often forgot. Like OP I was advised to take in a.m. for insomnia.

It took time to work but definitely persevere with it!

lu9months Thu 01-Jul-10 20:49:15

I am on a similar drug - escitalopram, for anxiety and insomnia and it has been wonderful! I had drowsiness and nausea for a few days and felt sluggish, then gradually felt myself becoming 'me' again - much calmer, much more positive, and I went from hardly sleeping at all to sleeping really well (when the kids allow). my only concern is whether to ever stop taking them because I feel so brilliant! good luck

willsurvivethis Thu 01-Jul-10 21:03:41

dh is on a low dose (10mg) and it has been a huge help with his anxiety and taken the edge off his depression so that he copes much better.

arcadia96 Thu 01-Jul-10 21:24:38

Reading these posts I'm tempted to take it even though it has been sitting untouched in my bag since early February!

Chatelaine Thu 01-Jul-10 21:52:13

Six years ago and a couple of months after the sudden and untimely death of my dear Dad, I went to my GP and and sobbed for the first time in front of a HCP. She was so understanding and prescribed Citalopram. I just felt I needed to take the edge off the overwhelming sadness and the uncontrollable crying due to bereavement. My DH was wonderful & supportive but he was also occupied with a demanding job. The rest of the family were also trying to cope in their own way. I found this medication really helpful as it just helped me to function in a normal way that was essential for me to care for my family at that time. I do remember that it made me feel slightly detatched and flat, but at the time that was no bad thing as I needed to come to terms. It was a relief, but a gentle one. Gradually I adjusted to the loss and came off the medication after a year. I don't remember any side affects (perhaps loss of libido) but that was not a huge worry for us at that stage, we just accepted it. I took it in the morning, didn't think of doing anything else, or that it made any difference. Best wishes.

Primroselady Thu 01-Jul-10 21:58:08

I have been on and off it for about three years, I take at night and only side effect is I feel abit of nausea sometimes in morning. I only take 10mls now and much to my GPs amusement I take it only when I feel a stressful period coming on!! It has helped me through very stressful times.

Tras Thu 01-Jul-10 21:58:34

If its making you feel sick, definitely take it at night for the first week. Dont take it on an empty stomach, I took it after a bowl of wheetabix and this really helped. I took 10mg for post natal depression and after the first few rough days it really helped!

choklit Fri 02-Jul-10 13:03:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Khara Fri 02-Jul-10 13:21:29

I'm on 20mg - started on 10mg and upped after a month. I didn't really have much in the way of side effects - just really sleepy and a bit of an unsettled tummy for a couple of days. I know it is helping me to some extent because I was really quite a mess in January when I started taking it but now I am able to function day to day relatively normally. I still have trouble with anxiety in the run up to my period, and have particularly noticed it this month.

I am wondering if I'm on the correct dose as I still feel there's quite a bit of room for improvement. Interesting what choklit says about it taking her 6 mths to feel right, as I'm coming up to that now, but seem to be struggling a bit again, though still tons better than I was.

ladymarian Fri 02-Jul-10 20:33:55

Citalopram really helped me!

I have been on it now for 15 months for PND and PTSD - 20mg, 10mg then back up to 20mg.

It got rid of the panic attacks and constant feeling of being about to burst in to tears.

Took about 2 weeks to kick in but what a blessed relief when it did!! Only side effects I suffered were dry mouth and feeling drowsy but as I am a mum to a very active toddler who doesn't sleep much I don't know if it the citalopram or not!

Taking citalopram has made it possible for me to function, tackle my PND and PTSD, be a better mum to my DD and carry on working part time.

Stick with it and good luck

fraggletits Fri 02-Jul-10 21:39:00

I second what everyone here has said

I've been on citalopram for 7 weeks now - started on 10mgs then went up to 20mg after 2 weeks. My anxiety has all but gone. It has literally picked me up off the floor and although I still have the same stresses in my life and have had 2 down days since being on it - when I look back at how I was before citalopram, I realise I am dealing with life like a normal person now.

I was worried I would be drugged and 'high' but it isn't like that at all - a couple of side effects in the first couple of weeks much the same as everyone else has mentioned but they were mild and now nothing.

I'm due back at my drs next week to discuss how I'm doing on them and think I need to stay on for a couple more months.

Good luck with them

verytellytubby Fri 02-Jul-10 22:02:21

I've been on it for 3 months. I started on 10mg and last week increased the dosage to 20mg.

I was suffering from terrible anxiety and panic attacks and it's transformed my life. I've applied for CBT as I don't want to be on them forever but at the moment it's what I need.

QueenofWhatever Sat 03-Jul-10 11:30:45

Another fan, I had it for complex PTSD. I've currently come off but am toying with starting again. It helps you get through some of the really difficult patches in life.

Jklm1968 Fri 12-Apr-13 13:41:58

Hi everyone. On day 10 and cannot shake the lethargy. Need to return to work on Monday and I'm dreading it. Please someone tell me this goes ? I just want to lie in bed and not even sleep, just lie there ! Very distressed. First time on Ad's and so far I hate it. Please let me know if I will get over this. Everyone seems so lovely on here. Thank you.

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