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feeling so negative and full of anger again!

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KemalsStilletto Fri 12-Aug-05 16:48:18

I was feeling really down and in tears last night. I woke up this morning in a relatively good mood which went into the afternoon. I then went clothes shopping with my mum and she treated me to lunch out which was v.nice as we dont do that sort of thing at all really.

But since getting back I am in a foul mood. Dogs have just had me screaming at them because they ran outside and I have dissed most ppl on the bus home and everyother word has been a swear word. I feel angry and negative about life. My mum and I had a chat whilst in the cafe about me being so down and I told her about the time I od'd and was so ill the next day I could hardly move and started crying in the cafe. I hate feeling like this, so why? I wouldnt care if I curled up to go to sleep tonight and never woke again to be honest.

p.s. i'm not an animal abuser. I love them with all my heart which is why i'm shocked at me screaming at them

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